Monday, September 5, 2011 no doctor.

I don't even know if I put these stitches in Alex's head right. Or if he needs them. He probably doesn't. I probably just stuck a needle through his forehead about eight times for no reason.

Nathan got cut on his head once and he needed stitches so...I did it like the ER did with my hand that one time I accidentally stabbed myself. (That's why I usually avoid sharp things...)

We were never lost. I mean we were, but not the way we thought we were. Turns out giving dear sweet Morrigan a good crack in the skull cleared that whole matter up.

She came for Skyler like the code said. Several times, in fact. We did a good job defending and staying relatively out of harm's way until last night. She came with more backup than anticipated. Todd got hit in the head pretty hard. He's okay. Perfectly fine, probably, considering Alex is the one living with the headache and the needle wounds.

Seth was actually the one to drive her back and break whatever illusion she had cast. As her cronies ran off, I saw him standing over Skyler with the metal bat and a groggy Morrigan crawling to her feet to run away. And things looked different.
They looked different because we were back in the real world, and not her desert playground.

Aside from all that commotion, we're alright. As far as I can tell, we're close to Oregon.

No more unpleasant interruptions. Please.