Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Decision

We've been at Casey's the past couple of days. Before that, we decided we needed a meeting and where we should have it.

Among sporadic naps and panic attacks, we've decided this: We will go to Aiden's. And then we're getting the hell out of Dodge.

The original plan has been revised. We're all going together. No splitting up. And we're taking Alex and Todd with us, because otherwise we're just four stupid kids making an easy meal for a monster.
We're packing up Seth's van with everything we have. Seth and Casey's stored wages plus the graduation money Casey and I both received, nonperishable food, a few changes of clothes, Seth's laptop...
We should get new phones, if we'd like to have phones at all. Try to stay off the radar. We don't know yet.

Aiden, if it's all right with you I mean, would it be okay to have...not a party. Not a huge thing. Just...a little we can all have a little bit of closure for Sam and Dean...and Sammi...and for Lance?

We get that it's probably very dangerous to go up there, but's dangerous everywhere. Better we're all together, right? Like a family. Just let us know if/when its okay to move up there.

Love you, bro.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Down to 4

You know. Without Todd or Alex or whatever...

Guys I'm so sorry. I should have just left and gone with you. I don't know what I could have done but...

Good bye, Sammi.

Friday, July 22, 2011



I can't get out of this house and Seth's at work. MOVE TODD MOVE.

I don't know what's happening...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We are seriously terrible at keeping an eye on one another.

While Allen was missing (yes we saw and heard) we had our own huge problems.

Like my brother deciding to go out for walks in the wilderness. By himself. Because Keri moved to Texas for a job at an aquarium and now nobody's up there to keep watch on him.

I suppose he wanted to try and make his own creepy movies and move into a new artistic medium. That APPEARS to be what he was going for.

Oh and then he went missing. Which is basically...he talked to Keri on the phone, told her he was going for a walk to get more footage, went on said walk, and then did not call her back. And nobody heard from him all day that day. But then he was back the next day.

And then he said, "Oh my phone was just being weird."
Yes. Okay, Nick. God I need to figure out a way to get him to stop. The easiest way would be to just say, "Listen. This is only going to lead to terrible things and I don't want anyone else to be in the same boat as me." But my brother's not as simple as that.
I can't sit here and hope he's not going to delve deeper into the Mythos. He will.

But that entire mystery of him "missing" was quickly resolved and is not really the issue I was talking about at all.

No. That's Casey's sister Danielle. And little Madden. And that entire situation is starting to grow more and more out of control because now Danielle doesn't argue with Madden about her "imaginary friend". Because Danielle sees Him too. Or It/Thing. One of them. It doesn't really matter which it is does it? Because neither of them is a good sign.

But oh wait no. That's not the thing really.

The really bad thing is Sammi hasn't really talked to anyone since the fourth. I was with Skyler and Seth recently, and Seth told me Sammi's been holing herself up lately.

I told Alex, told him to forward that message to Todd and see if he could maybe get a hold of Crow.

Todd managed to talk to Crow in a civilized manner for a very short space of time, but basically got that the Raven's crossing paths of madness with the Crow and that Raven and Crow are one in the same.

Or something. It sounded terrible, whatever he said.

I'm having a really hard time focusing and organizing all of this because it's just so...there's so many people.

Aiden and Brennon and Taben and Allen. Now Malkin and Chastin. Sam and Dean. Alex and Todd might as well count as two people. Mr, Casey, Seth, Skyler, and Sammi. Crow. Skye/The Morrigan. All of our friends that are now mindless slaves. I'm not even totally sure of how many people that is.
Danielle and Madden. My brother.

The police. We've seen a lot of them lately. At least we don't seem like suspects, but the entire thing makes even less sense to them on our end of the spectrum because what happened to us seems completely unrelated to what happened at Aiden's.
I need to just...sit down and try to organize all of this. If there were ever any time to do that. Right now we need to try to talk to Sammi. She's stopped answering her phone and replying to texts. And you know...a round table would be great. A round table in real life rather than online would be even better. Let's do that. We'll do that.

Dear Alex/Stupid-face/Todd,

That also means you. You are in this discussion.

I think...I think that's....everything? Oh god. I'm having the hardest time following our own problems, much less everything insane that's going on with Ai.

Jesus guys I'm sorry. At least you're all okay and you got the little one.

P.S. Malkin is totally a kitten.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

This shouldn't happen to us.

But I guess it did. And we're just going to have to roll with it.

I guess we're less a force against humans than supernatural abominations. Aside from my ankle getting injured again (or worse, I should say, it's been a continual injury for a year now), and some emotional trauma, I'm okay.

Bran didn't have any fractures, just some bad bruises. She has her own special way of dealing with things, so I think she's okay.

Seth and Skyler have each other. They're fine. Bran just saw them.

By 'okay' and 'fine' I mean we can all function. If we're in this deep now, then I guess we'd better get used to tragedy. We've already lost several friends, some are dead and some are mindless slaves. And...Ryan. And then Mateo. The phrase, "better get used to death" should not apply to a bunch of normal happy kids with normal happy lives. Ever.

Sammi doesn't seem okay at all...we've been trying to call her. She's holing herself up.

Whelan's brother came home, and I guess he's suffering effects of Marble Hornets. You know, the whole looking over the shoulder tick that everyone gets. She's keeping a close eye on him.
And I'm keeping a close eye on MJ.

Last thing we need is more people getting sucked into this...

Monday, July 4, 2011

There's so much blood...

It's all over the yard and Sammi won't stop crying about Skye and Alex is trying to find some way to wake Todd up and Skyler won't let go of Seth and I'm crying too and so is Casey and-

Can Skye even be saved now, Todd?

It's...we have to get out of here. Soon. This is the third tragedy that...wait...three for a that probably doesn't mean anything.
The police are baffled and I think they think we're being stalked too and that it's connected to Aiden's problems and-

I'd never been able to roll before. When I was in karate, they were trying to teach me to roll for my yellow belt. And I couldn't.
Somebody hit me hard. And I went down. But I rolled. And I got right back up and delivered a solid punch to that fucker's face.

I rolled. I did something right today...

Not all of us know self defense. Seth, Skyler, and Casey need patched up. I do too, even. I can't breathe without it hurting some. I might have a fractured rib from the hit I took...

I just...the police and...what are we going to do?

It's not your fault, Aiden. We're just...we're just in such terrible...

We're going to need one long ladder to get out of this hole...


That's what all of my limbs are saying today. D:

No, it doesn't have anything to do with Eldritch abominations.

I was playing Grifball yesterday with the guys and now I am in much expected pain. That game is intense.

I guess we're going up to Aiden's for the 4th. If something happens, at least we'll all be together. And hey! maybe I can actually get some sleep!

Which is what I was doing today. No interruptions from It or Slenderp. No nightmares. I was able to sleep off my battle wounds (ie. huge welt and bruise on leg, lots of sore spots, some scrapes) in peace.

And then mom wakes me up because she needs computer assistance. Let me just yank something from Todd for a second...

Too late to go back to bed now. Better take some more Advil.

Oh and hey, what's this here?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

She's a murderer.

Skye. The Morrigan.

I didn't think she was the one that did it. I thought it was It.

 Nothing happened, at least not a huge major kind of thing that would have involved all family and friends present. Something definitely happened, but the only people left were Casey, Seth, Skyler, Sammi, Alex, Jonnie, Jason, and Paul. The latter three of which are ignorant to our problems. I would like it to remain that way.

Anyway, they were all inside. I was outside by myself checking the far side of the building to see if any trash was outside. And then there was a fluttering sound. And The Morrigan, one of the people I specifically said wasn't invited (jesus why don't people ever listen), is looking down at me from a tree. She removes just enough of her mask to taunt me with Skye's face, grinning wickedly. And then she hops down, picks up a baseball bat that was lying in the field, takes a Rat rat out of her pocket, pins its tail to the tree she was standing on...

And then...and then while the Rat rat is still squealing...she just begins smashing it with the bat. Crushing its skull...and giggling...

The Morrigan killed Rat.

Skye killed Rat.

And then she pulled out a little American flag, planted it in the ground, smiled, replaced her mask, and then vanished in a flurry of crimson and black feathers. They burned the leaves and furns they touched as they floated down and vanished.

What I failed to notice in my stupor is that Alex had run out to check on me, realizing that I was outside by myself. He witnessed enough to understand what happened. Alex gently took the rat off the tree and laid it somewhere in the forest where it wouldn't be found by the owner of the building. Then he looked at me apologetically.

"You're right. As much of a dick as he was, he didn't deserve that," he said. He pushed me a little back towards the building.

"I can't believe she..." I knew I was lying to myself. I knew she would kill someone eventually. She wasn't Skye anymore. It was only a matter of time before she got past the vandalism with my other friends turned proxies.

"I'm sorry about your friend."

"It's not your fault, Alex."

"But it is. Kind of."

"No, that was Todd, and even then it wasn't really his fault."


"I know. Thanks though."

The rest of the night went without incident. I had to wait for the last normal person to leave so I could take everyone upstairs to tell them what happened.

My chief concerns are these: 1.) Something feels like it's going to happen on the 4th. 2.) That smashed rodent might also have a double meaning, Aiden. Please be extra careful.

I'm going to try to get some sleep. I might just end up with more incessant tentacle tapping on my window though. And more "staring". At least It stays outside

...please don't say I just jinxed myself...

It's party day...

Alex is here. I explained to mom that he's a friend I met through Casey. That was apparently sufficient enough. He'll be riding over to the place with us and helping me set up.

If nothing happens today, then if we're having that 4th of July party it'll definitely happen then.

I'd rather It do something then. It'll just be our gang and Ai's, and we'll at least be prepared.

....crossing my fingers...please don't show up today...and The Morrigan and her friends aren't invited either.