Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve!

Sittin' here with Aiden and Brenno!
Word is the Terrify Branwen party is about to start...and we'll be watching stuff all night. ohgodwhyamifriendswithyoupeople D:

Not much to say...but I hope you all have a happy new year!

And keep your resolutions and stuff. Because you are all totally that person. :3

Need mind

Saw a clip of Narutaru. And now I regret ever being curious about it. I want to cry and throw up at the same time. D:

And I'm hungry. How am I supposed to eat after that? :(

Now I'm almost looking forward to our Marble Hornets marathon. Like maybe it'll be so terrifying I'll forget Narutaru even happened.

Also, Seth sent me this:
"wHEn doeS HE rESt? it's like HE never SlEEpS. i don't tHink i'll Ever be the SamE. hESME"


I yelled at him and then he laughed and sent me ":P"

Because a :P face makes everything better. Jerk.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

That was an awful idea...

Ohmygod. Lesson: Next time Seth is so terrified it affects his behavior, whatever scared him will do a much worse number on you.

No. I didn't watch it. I looked it up, saw Slenderman, went "Okay, now what's THAT", then found a Know Your Meme article.

I refuse to watch it by myself. I read the article and saw the pictures. And I said, "That's...terrifying..."

And then I forgot that the wind knocked the trash cans over (AGAIN).

I just got back from flipping them back over. It's dark out. I was on the brink of tears the whole time. I even made Ace go with me.

...he's a good doggy.

PS: Aiiiideeeeeen! Guess what we're watching together New Years Eve?

I feel all covered in tar...

...because I totally just woke up half an hour ago. Ugh. I need to stop sleeping in.

Welp. Wasted most of the day anyways. Probably going to spend the rest in the basement playing Sly 2.

Oh...and...Seth finally got back to my text. Here's a tip for the future: Auntie Bran will worry needlessly if you disappear for a few days. She will then proceed to have a heart attack if your explanation is vague or creepy. And she will end up being furious when she finds out there was nothing to worry about and you're just trying to be "clever".
Ugh...that boy... went something like this...

Me: Seth? Hey, what've you been up to?
Seth: Running.
Me: What?
Seth: He's after me.
Me: Who?
Seth: Unimportant.
Me: No, I think it is.
Seth: Stayawayfromthetrees
Me: Um...
Seth: Hewatches
Me: Seth...
Seth: Heseesme...
Me: Stop it. I think I'm about to have an anxiety attack.
(about twenty minutes passes)
Seth: Haha...sorry. I was just quoting something.
Me: What?!
Seth: This thing I watched.
Me: What's the matter with you?! That wasn't funny.
Seth: Sorry.
Me: Fine...what did you watch?

He then proceeded to say it wasn't important and kept trying to dodge the question. I eventually got it out of him.

What in Thor's name is Marble Hornets?

Sunday, December 26, 2010


There is tissue paper and bags everywhere. I still have to find space for things in my room. I still have to find space for the things that are already IN my room.

Met more cousins today. Bluh...children. I feel like a bad person for not being able to effectively interact with them. But like...I was never around babies. I'm better with baby animals. >.>
Regardless of my inability to communicate with the youngins, the cousins are all well. Mostly hung out with Rowan yesterday, who's basically my twin that's two years younger. Because that totally works out.
Shot zombies in House of the Dead with Kate today. Because we're beast at it.

I rocked another outfit with the MCR shirt today (I washed it from last night; I don't re-wear unwashed clothes unless absolutely necessary...that's...ew.) Also a military jacket, but a cutoff style. I've resolved to make myself a Killjoy outfit. ;D

These Converse make my life.

I haven't heard from Seth in a bit. I'm a little bit concerned (underclassmen are like siblings or little ducklings to me for some reason I can't explain). But I'm sure he's just been caught up in festivities as well.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I'm all lookin' awesome in my MCR shirt, new Converse, military jacket, and hat.

And I'm armed with my Supernatural guide to monsters.

And Kate got me a super pretty smoky quartz necklace. C:

Now, if I can successfully avoid the flu...

Merry Christmas!

Or Happy [insert your holiday of choice here]!

I think that's the second time I've done that. Whatever. :D

We've got all the family here but two members: Erin and Brad (brother-in-law).
They'll be here soon. They better be. 'Cause we're openin' stuffs when they get here!

Ace is stompin' all over the place looking for attention. He's settled for harassing Kate and Kari (Nick's girlfriend).

I meant to post last night, but I was rudely awoken at 7 AM by Ace (whom we've discovered knows how doorknobs work).Then was cleaning for Christmas. Then went to see my aunt who's like an hour and a half away. Came back and had to get ready to go sing in church choir for like three hours. It was midnight when I came back and Nick wanted to watch Inception. And then I fell asleep halfway through that. Next thing I know it's 7 AM again and I may have contracted the flu from Nick (AWESOME).

Anyways, to any readers I may actually have, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a wonderful holiday. C:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Feelin' Wonderful

Finished up shopping with Nick (brother). Got our mom some really nice stuff. C:

I'm fairly certain I saw the real Santa while we were there. He was THE MOST convincing mall Santa I've ever seen. He waved. I actually wanted to go see him. Or at least hug him. (I'M A SUPPORTER OF FREE HUGS!)

Nick and I got some delicious loose tea for mom too. The barista there was extremely nice. Probably the nicest one I've ever met ever. She even made us tea. Free tea. Free DELICIOUS tea.

It's been an overall good day thus far. And Seth seems to be behaving normally too. I'm just chillin' with Ace now. Gonna go make some lunch-dinner. Linner? Dunch? Lunner? Dunner? (I better stop. I could do that all day.)

Oh...and guess what day it is? Thursday. The day of wonderful. ;)

Have a good Thursday, my lovlies!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yaaaaay holidays!

Merry (early) Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever you may celebrate this time of year. <3

I got back from shopping with my brother a couple hours ago. I am exhausted from it. Dx
But we got so much doooone! C:
We have to go back out tomorrow morning and finish the last bit. I'm excited! I love Christmas! Not as much as Halloween, but I still LOVE it!

Texted Seth (weird friend) for a bit. He seems more normal. I think he just spooked himself. He likes to watch crap like Celebrity Ghost stories. Now, I'm all for ghosts existin', but shows like that are almost always BS. But whatever he likes...I personally prefer TAPS. I also got to meet them. C:

OH. Hey! My paper. That I did. Yeah. Spent until the last 40 minutes of class fixing that thing. The hardest part was the Works Cited page. Why can't everyone agree on one friggin' layout. I didn't fully understand how to do it, so I looked something up, typed them all like that, and that's what they're getting. Suck it up, BPA.

I didn't get a present for Ace yet! Ohnoes! He feels left out of festivities if he doesn't get something too...

Welp...I'm going to go check to see what's up with Homestuck. Nighty-night!

Sunday, December 19, 2010



I don't even care about this paper anymore. It's done. It will be edited and given a cover page when I get it back from my sister but by god I am not writing anymore.

Don't. even. care.

I could lose right now. This lady could take my paper and automatically say it sucks and throw it in an incinerator and I would be cool with it.

It's not that the paper sucks. It's pretty good, I think. I AM JUST SO FREAKIN' TIRED OF COMPETITIONS.

Completely unrelated: a friend of mine has been sending me creepy text messages (creepy as in I worry for him, not for myself). I play along, and then we laugh about it. I don't know. It's pretty uncharacteristic. I think he's been watching too much paranormal stuff again.

Bluh bluh. Huge bitch.

Yeaaaah...I'm an avid Homestuck reader.

I really shouldn't be on here. I'm supposed to be writing a research paper for a contest.

So this lady...this lady...I've got this economic research paper to do for BPA (Business Professionals of America). Nobody enters that particular contest because it's boring and requires an oral presentation. I'm so used to writing papers and performing things in front of people that I have no qualms about talking to a few judges about The Great Flood of 1993. Easy win. But I digress (again).

It very clearly says the paper is due April 1st (more on the significance of that date later). I have other things to worry about, like my semester project, so I put the paper on the back burner.

I think you know where this is going.

Our teacher put the dates on the board. "Economic Research Paper (Individual) - Dec. 17th"

I panicked, grew incredibly irritated, and then addressed him about it. He then also got confused and annoyed and emailed the lady that sent him the dates. She then said, "All of the dates were in the packet," and she, "needs the paper in her hands by the 21st."

No. They were not. You pompous, lying, jackal. I hate all of you suit-wearing fiends now with the same intensity of my teacher. I'm just going to lie back to you with a smile on my face. Suck it.

So I'm writing this paper in one day, sending it to my sister to check, then finishing it up in class tomorrow to be mailed out. Then this lady will receive it and be blown away by my finesse with the English language even though it was written in such a short time frame.

If the date of April 1st was supposed to be a was in very poor taste. Yuppy scum.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


This is perhaps the most magical article of clothing I have ever owned. MY ENTIRE TORSO IS WRAPPED IN A CLOUD.

Mom found it on sale for $30. It was $100. I never knew what cashmere felt like...

It's Christmas sweater or something. (No, it is not horrendous. It's quite nice. And purple!)
I wore it to my cousin's Eagle Scout dinner. Their entire presentation took hour and a half. Had I been wearing something other than what I must assume is a blanket woven into a shirt, I would have been very uncomfortable and upset. I just wanted free food and to see my cousin.

I don't like being confined to chairs for very long...

Got my hair done today. More red, with a little bit trimmed off. I'm going to try to grow it out in hopes I can teach myself to stop being retarded at putting my hair up.
I'd also like to try to pull off Kari Byron. And then Alucard for Tekkoshocon.

WHAT. He's AWESOME. And I will totally have the hair for it...I'll just have to cover up the beautiful red with black... :(
At least my name will finally be appropriate.

Um...what else. OH! I found a mouse on a string that has a motion detector inside that makes it squeak. Ace Godzilla'd the crap out of that thing. Heehee...doggy. <3

Well, that's all for today.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Upon reviewing my last post, it has occurred to me that you (non-existent readers) might be very confused. For the sake of anyone that might actually read this (besides Aiden...he doesn't need it), I'munna clarify some stuff for all ya'll.

It occurred to me to do this since, if you've checked my friend's blog, I mentioned going to the same college as Aiden. And you might expect us to be the same age. Yet I implied in my last post that I'm still in high school.

I AM still in high school. I will attend college the fall following my graduation. I still live at home with my parents and my big, cuddly German Shepherd, Ace. (I thought it was appropriate. If he were anthropomorphic he'd be like...a mafia dog that hung out in casinos or something.)
Aiden has already graduated high school, and decided to attend college last fall. So now I'll be joining him.

We are two years apart, 18 and 20. We met through mutual friends and are now besties. C:

So yeah, just in case anyone in my invisible audience was confused...there it is.

...I'm a little bit OCD about info. Don't judge me. :(

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I love Thursdays!

They're always full of wonderful! (For anyone that thinks this is a ridiculous notion, it's the only thing I've got constantly going for uh...back off.)

I had a wonderfully delicious lunch with my lovely friends at school. (Yes, I have more friends than just Aiden and Brennon.) They make me so happy. C:

I wish I could see them more often outside of school...

Got a few presents wrapped for friends today. Thoroughly confused my dad with it too. Was amusing. He's been a grouch-o-potamus the past few days (although he's been working a lot) so I was pleased to make him laugh. Ace was interested in the tape. So much so that he wouldn't let me finish. So I stuck a small piece in a place where he wouldn't be able to reach around and lick it off. After a minute or two, I pulled it off for him. He moved away, laid down, and grunted. Silly doggy.

I'm participating in a Secret Santa thing with some band mates. I got a girl who I'm acquaintances with, but don't know very well. And I lost the little information card we each filled out. I tried to remember what she wrote as best as I could. I feel bad about losing it. I hope she likes what I got her. Well, I'll find out tomorrow. (I wonder who got me...?)

I pretty much had to do nothing the rest of the day, except for a little math and concert band. Annnnd...that's tonight. I should probably go eat and get ready for it. Bye!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I just accidentally deleted all of the comments. All of them. D:<

Tell me I'm not the only idiot out there that's done this...

I'm a forgetful moron! :D

Brennon and Aiden? They can be located here: The Idyllic Clone

I have done my friend duty for the day. ;D

So. Today. Pretty uneventful. Still haven't done anything about my headache because...oh. I forgot to. Facepalm? Yes.

As much as I hate cold, this snow better stick around for Christmas. I'm tired of having green Christmases. :(

Ace grunted. He agrees. (I love mah goggie.)


I have to go outside today.

It's freakin' COLD outside.

I hate you, Ohio. hatehatehatehatehate.

That's not true...only in winter...when you're PMSing and throwing all kinds of horrible weather all over the place.

Not much of an update today, except that I had to go get the lid of my trashcan, which blew to the other side of the road somehow, and then drag it back to the house. The trashcan is next to a deep ditch. There's snow everywhere. Guess what happened. :l

Ugh...this headache. It makes me sad.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why hello thar...

Aiden kept pestering me to make one of these, probably just so he wouldn't feel so silly with Brennon making him post on his. Oh, those boys. :3

So...I'm Branwen! Unusual, I know. I could have been named Scathach...and while as awesome sounding as that was and while I protested like a PMSing rhinoceros to my parents about it (The Warrior Maid?! That is SO much more awesome than raven haired...which I'm not), after I heard how it was pronounced I decided I didn't want to hear everyone clearing their throats in order to address me. (What if they had a cold? I'd be so confused.)

But I digress.

So I guess here is where I tell you about me and stuff? Yes? Yes. Let's do that. ;D

I'm Irish (of course). I have an obsession with steampunk and fantasy, which influences my art and writing to the point of hardly being able to do anything close to nonfiction (even historical fiction. gross). In fact, I'm going to college for illustration and writing. Doubly in fact, it's the same one as Aiden.

I LOOOOOOVE nostalgia. I cleaned out my movie cabinet the other day. I found a bajillion Disney movies I haven't seen in years. I almost peed myself.

I'm Furry as a hobby. I also love to cosplay. Costuming is fantastical! ...I still have my Sasuke shirt somewhere...

Um...that's all I have for now. I need to go find some blankets. It's colder than a lich's soul in here...

~ Branwen