Thursday, March 31, 2011

Todd Fox

I think...that by switching sides...he's lost a lot of ability to do certain things.

He never slept before. I never saw him sleep. Not once. He didn't come back like I thought he would. I guess he stayed out and continued looking for answers, or went to find Crow.

I came back from my college thing. Had to see a session on my VCD class and talk to financial aid and the study abroad program.

I walk in from the garage and hurry into the basement first because the TV is on and I'm thinking, "ohmygod Todd's here what if mom sees Todd oh shit what do I do" before I remember...

The TV's on because Dad tapes things down there.

I'm stupid.

I go upstairs to the kitchen. I brought home a book. A comic book. I never got to see Scott Pilgrim, but the books were at the university's store, so I got the first one. I thought I could show it to Todd too. (I'm trying to culture him. I think it's working. Very slowly.)

Ace is stomping around upstairs impatiently. Running downstairs. Running back up. Crying.

So I go back down and follow Ace.


Todd IS down there.

He's strategically hidden in the storage corner of the basement.

And he's asleep.


I'm wondering how he can sleep with the mask on. Then I notice he isn't. It's laying next to him. He's wearing a hoodie now, with the hood pulled over his face.

I could have snuck over there. Pulled it back. Just to see what he's hiding behind the mask.

But I didn't.

Todd respects me. I will respect Todd.

Where was I going with that...? Oh.

I never saw him sleep. He was up all the time. So running around last night wore him out.

He can't read anything past It. Because he doesn't work for It anymore.

Nonetheless, he's still got skills that the rest of us that aren't Aiden or Yggy don't have.
I just keep thinking that It is trying to sap power from him.

Maybe not.

I'm probably worrying too much again.

Oh. He's awake now.Mom went to choir, so he's free to leave the basement.
I'm going to let him wake up more before I start asking him things.

In the meantime...shrimp wontons. And Scott Pilgrim.

I think I'll call Aiden while I'm at it. See how my bro's doin'.



Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Apologies for the double post...

We have another investigator. Not quite a runner. But she may have to be one.

If any one could help me check out her situation: Music of the Night

I meant to post about her situation a bit ago. It slipped my mind...

Todd left to go back up to Aiden's. He took the macaroni box with him.


Guess what?

I came in the door today and Todd is sitting on the couch with a smirk on his face.

I go, "What?"

He giggles and says, "Oh nothing,"

I sigh, go down to the basement to get some food (shrimp wontons heck yes), throw a box of dinosaur macaroni at him, then sit down to eat.

Half an hour later. Snow. Everywhere.

You're a bastard. This is not funny. >:(

In other news, something happened between Aiden and Yggy?


People continue to harass Frap.

This is dumb. Hence the title. Lot's of things are dumb today.

Everybody just needs to shut up and get over themselves. Infighting solves nothing.

Infighting is dumb.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It's my birthday today!

And I get to spend it watching Crow throw pieces of bread at his birds.

Screw that. Me and Hanlon are going to get El Paso. I want food.

I've looked through Joce and Frap's most recent stuff...who is Fizzbomb? And Zero? Is that that zerosage guy that keeps threate-


THAT Zero.

That would explain why Whelan was upset about him.

So why's everyone coming back from the "dead" and killing everyone else?

Because that's what we REALLY need...more crazies.

Ugh. No. I'm going to go get my Mexican food. Bye.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Interview with a Vulpine

I like making witty titles.

Shut up.

So I've gotten much better since getting out of that area with It. Less of a sore throat today! Yay!

I think Fox...I mean Todd...being a reckless idiot distracted It away from us. At least for a little bit. Haven't seen the jerk around yet.

He likes the name Todd now, by the way. Reminds me of The Fox and the Hound.

Well...I promised you an interview. Here you go.

Me: I almost thought you weren't coming back. You weren't in the basement.
Todd: Just because I'm not there immediately when you come hom-
Me: I checked nine times.
Todd: Oh. [short pause] That's a multiple of three.
Me: ...yes. Yes it is.
Todd: There are also three of u-
Me: Shush.
Todd: [chuckles] Fine. [sits on the couch, hands folded in his lap] You have questions for me? I'll do my best.
Me: I was going to ask your real name, but we obviously know the answer to that. Uhm...okay. Here's one. Your age?
Todd: I'd estimate around 18 to early twenties.
Me: Good enough. Are you from England or something? The way you speak-
Todd: Maybe. I don't know.
Me: Oh. Well that'd be the coolest thing ever. I love Brits. [grins]
Todd: I can tell.
Me: Eh?
Todd: Some of the videos you watch. There's a man reading a book...
Me: Oh! Alex! And Charlie. I might have to make you watch those later. You might appreciate the humor.
Todd: Alright then.
Me: Hmmm... [flips through some papers] What about Skye?
Todd: I thought this was about me.
Me: It mostly is. See: mostly. Besides, you're related to that incident.
Todd: I see...she was there.
Me: What?
Todd: Last night. She seemed partly lucid. But Rat has her with him now.
Me: Oh...well shit.
Todd: It can be solved.
Me: At what cost?
Todd: It will probably be pricey. And cannot yet be done.
Me: Why?
Todd: I'm not to interfere. For now, anyways. Nothing was said about after the plan succeeding.
Me: It would be nice if something could be done before then. Fox...I mean Todd...this is one of my friends here. I don't know if you grasp that bu-
Todd: I'm sorry. I really am. I'll do what I can. But in order to keep things running as they are now, rather than absolute chaos, I cannot do anything at the time.
Me: subject.
Todd: Preferable.
Me: What happened last night?
Todd: Nothing exciting.
Me: [rolls up the papers I'm holding and waves them at him] I was expecting fireworks, man.
Todd: If I could have... [adjust the nose of his mask while smirking]
Me: Then what happened?
Todd: We were interrupted.
Me: By...?
Todd: Guess.
Me: Right. And then?
Todd: I'd already landed a blow on Rat, who proceeded to just laugh it off. But I could hear the whimpers under it. So I knew I inflicted pain. And the Mast...It shows up. A restraining order of sorts. That is what took place.
[there's a few seconds of frustrated muttering going on here]
Todd: In any case, it is unlikely he'll be up here anytime soon.
Me: So there's that. [smirks]
[Ace trots down the hallway]
Me: Hi bubby! (I call him lots of nicknames. Shush.)
Todd: You've got quite a friend there.
Me: He's my big, furry sibling. Yes! Yes he is!
[Ace whines and howls, his method of communicating]
Me: Good thing he knows you're a friend. He still might bite you though. [grins]
Todd: I'll...keep my distance.
Me: M'kay. What else...oh! Brennon. Brennon wants to know how long you've been working for It.
Todd: A few years now.
Me: And how is you don't kn-
Todd: Because we do as we are told. Rat knew because he is a weaselly bastard. He has probably been punished for his selfishness and stupidity.
Me: So you're not that high in the ranks, eh? Not enough to deserve being told everything.
Todd: I suppose not. If I'd known about these hatchlings before hand...
Me: Don't beat yourself up for that one. That's working out in our favor anyways.
Todd: Didn't you want to know about the shack?
Me: Oh! Yes. Yes I did.
Todd: It was a decoy.
Me: Oh...what?
Todd: We were told to vandalize it to look significant. So you'd investigate and It could get close to you.
Me: least it's not...wait. It. Was close. Explain.
Todd: You more than likely did not notice. It was watching from afar. Studying your working habits. How you work as a team.
Me: What about the distorted photos?
Todd: The messages meant nothing.
Me: The blood.
Todd: You don't want to know.
Me: Heeey! That's when we first saw you.
Todd: I was trying to rearrange something. Then I saw the two of you and wanted to watch for myself. Curiosity. To see what you'd do.
Me: Sounds like you didn't think that one through very well.
Todd: [sighs] I thought you were done taking pictures there. I didn't expect you to catch me. You had done a fantastic job of somehow missing me the other times you walked past.
Me: I know. That killed me.
[the garage door sounds]
Todd: Sounds like it's time for me to go.
Me: Yup. See you later.
Todd: Indeed.

There we go. And here's my challenge to you, Todd. You've been watching me for how long now? What have you learned?

Just curious.

Heh. Wonder if you've got what it takes to work in the BAU.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is anyone there?

There's a giggling person outside of my house...

Nobody's answering their phones.




Wait a second. Is that Crow? And that looks like...

Oh jeez...

Why does the proxy battle have to be outside MY house?

And where IS everyone?

Rats are gross.

So it's great we got Fox out of that deal because I don't think I could handle Rat.

And he's such a d-bag.

You guys have no idea.

Oh and his voice? You know those old timey villain type guys in those old cartoons? They've got those curly mustaches and they're always tying girls to railroad tracks or whatever?

That. Is Rat.

Yeah he finally said something. I was just trying to eat my Hot Pocket and he appeared across the table. Tipped his hat. Wiggled his fingers.

I just stopped eating and raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Oh an Owl. What a noble bird. So graceful and wise. Too bad we have to soil its feathers."

He did one of those chuckles. The cliche ones that evil guys do. And then Crow came in.


"You don't get to choose, you insufferable idiot."

And then Rat punched him. Crow fell off the chair. And then Rat kicked him in the stomach while he was down.

...I felt really bad for him. I wanted to jump Rat. But he left and dragged Crow out behind him before I could do anything...

And it hit me. What's Rat doing all the way up here?

I think it's got to do with Fox guys. Watch out.

Hey! Hey! We are a hurricane!

It's good thing I really love Panic! or I'd have punched Fox in the face by now.

And hey, maybe this will condition me to have all of the words completely memorized by the time the concert rolls around!


Obviously I'm home now. Got to meet Aiden's siblings.

I still think Dean needs to turn into a Winchester. And be all like, "I'mma badass hunter. I kill bad monsters all the time and pick up chicks."

One of Crow's crows kawed fives times today. Twice.

Which means five for silver and possibly ten for...

Oh dammit.

This is going to make me hate numbers.

I love numbers.
EDIT: You should see how she organizes the dishwasher...

I owe a huge thanks to Aiden. For getting us all out of our houses and up there for some much needed party time. And for Fox, who's going to be grilled with questions until I'm satisfied.

I've a lot to ask him. Mostly about Rat. And about who they are.

And that shack. The significance of that shack, if any.

Oh, I didn't forget that day. Still as clear in my mind as when I did a face plant in the snow over that stupid fence.

There's also Owl. Fox assured me that we can save Skye. Somehow. Maybe.

My throat is scratchy. Again. Owowowowow.

BUT I HAVE PIE. That somehow makes it all okay.

Go away It. I have pie. And you can't have ANY OF IT.


Crows. Smart little buggers. The person himself may not be all that functional on his own, but you can't compare Crow with a crow.

They're highly intelligent. And there's a flock of them. In my yard.

Screw off, birdies.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I've only ever heard of guard dogs...

Never a guard Fox.

I like...want to punch Aiden in the mouth for scaring the shit out of me. And then I want to jump him and give him epic hugs.

I'm just going to punch everyone.

That's hardly fair.

We invited him in.

Wouldn't want him to freeze out there. Winter decided it hasn't given up yet. Won't be as warm as it was until Friday.

I'd live. Barely.

This is fun!

I said it would be okay.

You didn't know this would happen though.


I think Fox and Seth are best friends now. Seth doesn't really hold grudges. Sammi and Casey are wary-

Wary is NOT the word.

-and Skyler is too happy being around everyone and feeling safe to care.

Might as well relax while we can. We're probably going to get buried under bad things come Monday.

That's no way to think.

I'm just being prepared.

You over analyze.


This entire thing looks like a rainbow...

Could I have my laptop for more than FIVE SECONDS?



Hah...okay we'll give it back.

Signing off for now.

Au revoir.


We're here! This is exciting! I'm meeting everyone! I'm excited!

While Skyler's flipping out over there, I'm going to go hug Yggy. Because I feel like a bitch for yelling at him so much...

Wait...why do I get the laptop?

I don't know, because it's MINE. >:l

Oh shut up, Seth.


Settle down kids. Alright, Aiden says we're going caching...and he has a surprise for us? Huh...



Ahahahahaaaa...we're the least stealthy group EVER. :D

Peace. For now.

It's sunny out. Birds are chirping.

No jagged tendrils obscuring the view.

Casey, Seth, and Skyler are all here.

Whee! :D

So I finally meet Skyler in person. :P

We have to go get Sammi on our way up there. We'll be heading out soon.

And yes. It's perfectly okay for Yggy to be there. I'm so sorry I blew up at him...

The antagonizing certainly didn't help, but I'm over that.

Time to party.

Wanna hear a joke?

So there's a Wolf and a Fox, and they're riding on a school bus together...

Oh. Why are they on the school bus? Well I suppose I should tell you.

I went to sleep having another anxiety attack about Aiden and Yggy and Dennis...

Stumbled to my bus stop in the morning. Have to finish my paper. I'mma listen to Nick Pitera some more...can't do that til IM. Nope. Hum the words in your head. Where's the bus? There's the bus.

More Panic? Yes. P!ATD. Good stuff. Burn a CD. Give it to Jonnie so he can listen too. Forgot to put it on here...hum the words. Hum the words in your head.

What was that blur?

"Good morning."


If you've ever felt extremely tired in the morning, then just get a proxy to scare the ever loving shit out of you by appearing next to you on the bus.

Works wonders. Never been so alert in my life.

I stopped worrying about singing songs in my head.

"These aren't very comfortable..." he says, shuffling around some.

"No. They aren't. You get used to them," I mutter, face in the seat back in front of me, composing myself. Ashley and Yasmeen, who would normally been in the seat my face is pressed into, had moved to some empty seats farther towards the middle of the bus. The back is mostly empty. Lots of kids on the New York trip.

"How are you?" he tilts his head, hands folded in his lap.

I shrug. Turn my face towards him, head still on the seat back. "Just dandy," I say in a mocking tone.

"Good, good..." he says with a small sigh. Nods his head. Half mask bobs a little.

"It almost broke Sammi," I say bitterly. I learned this late last night. It combined with family Not good for Sammi.

"It didn't though. It is angry. But she is okay," he's reassuring now. It's odd. I'm not sure if I'm quite comfortable with this behavior. "The Mas...It is busy."

"With Aiden..."

"I have time to spare."

"Wait. You called It...I-"

"Don't ask. Not yet."


I'm sitting upright now. The book we're reading in English, Angela's Ashes, falls into my lap. I pick it up to put it back on my bag, but Fox reaches over to examine it.

"Who is this boy?"


"He's the author?"


"This looks sad..."

"It is."

"You don't have to be."

I'm confused here. I open my mouth to say something, but he's readjusting the mask and now I'm confused AND I don't know what he's doing.
Oh. I can see more of his face now. Just a little bit more.

What are you getting at...

"What does that mean?" I ask.

"You don't have to be sad. Or worry."


"It's okay."

"Is it?"

"He'll be okay."

Now that I've caught up on posts, I understand what he meant here.

"You were hurt yesterday," I note

"Hurts. Still."


"He knows what I'm doing. He knows everything."


"No. The vermin."

"Ahh...wait he did this to you?" I point at Fox's hands, which are normally covered with gloves. But they're bandaged now.

"He knows what he shouldn't too. All along."

"He's more irritating than a mime..."

Fox chuckles at that.

"Crow knew too. But you can't exactly expect Crow to know what's going on...poor bastard..."

Some more silence. I forgot I had the earbuds in. I take them out. Let the Ballad of Mona Lisa leak out. Fox tilts his head to hear better.

"Thanks," I say.

"No," he says, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"You'll know soon enough."

More silence as we listen to the song. Brendon Urie is on the last line...there's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you paid for...

Fox shakes his head at that. Grumbles a little. I wonder what he got out of that...
"How are you getting off?" I ask, shutting off the MP3 player and wrapping the cord around it.


"No trees..."

"I slip out."

"With that?"

He takes the mask off. I try to glimpse his face. But he flips a hood over too quickly for me to see...

All I see is a grin.

"Not yet," he says.

We get off the bus.

I proceed to have a relatively easy school day.

Now to process all of that...

Aiden is back home. Aiden is okay. Everything is okay. Like he said it would be.

A Fox may be crafty, but I think this one can be trusted.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sorry this is the third post today, but Bran's too upset right now.

We want this to be kept clean and coherent and...not full of rage. SO.

Hellfire. If you're toying with us...

I liked Dennis too. Even though he's you. In a way. If he's still in there. AND. If Yggy's still in there...

Let them go.


I checked out the latest post.

I think we have a serious problem.

No wait.

That's stupid.

We DO have a serious problem.


It wasn't her fault.


Hellfire...or...Asshat...or whatever we're calling you.

I'll think of another name. We'll have a bunch!

It is toying with him.

We need to get him back.

We need Fox.

And Bran's not the only one getting the nice treatment.

But in all honesty, she can keep it all to herself. :l

I don't care how helpful Fox is being, I don't. like. him. around.

He creeps me out. I will never forget the window thing.

I almost think he's going to pull something. But we need him.

We need to know what to do.


I don't think Fox is supposed to be talking to me...

He looked really hurt...

Uhm...he was tapping on the window by the computer desk and waving kind of urgently.

I rushed outside.

"How are you?" He says quickly.

"Fine I gu-"

"Good. I shouldn't have brought you there. Or here. Here. I shouldn't have brought you here. Again."

" okay?"

"How is he?"

"Incredibly pissed off?"

"No! IS he?"



"He won't sleep. He has those weird circle things on his back..."

"The crows..."

"What about the crows?"

"Nothing. He wanted you to ask me something."

"Yeah...his siblings?"

"Tell him to worry about himself."

"Are you okay?"

"Just dandy."

Then he starts singing a line of Nearly Witches.
Ever since we met, I only shoot up with your perfume...

"You have a nice voice..." I say.

"Good music," he says quickly.

Then I'm back in the real world again and, as expected, Fox is gone.

He doesn't behave like Crow or Rat at all...

One of these things is not like the others...

You cannot be serious.

- Skye was here today. Like nothing was wrong. We didn't question it. We just accepted it and proceeded to blast Panic! At The Disco during all of class because I love them.
- Concert tickets. I'm going to get them. And find a way to go. Fuck It. (Ahahahahaha...)
- I'm so...I WAS so hyper from excitement that I couldn't focus on more than two things at once. It was fun.
- There's a really amazing contest going on in IM. It's sci-fi themed. And involves cosplay.

- Fox is nowhere to be found when I REALLY have to talk to him.
- Ygg's finally lost it. I refuse to call him Ygg or Yggy now. Fuck you, Hellfire. Fuck you. Know what's a better name? Asshat.
- Thanks to Asshat, we now have tension between Aiden and Brennon.

God you NOT make me come up and there and beat you BOTH with tables.
I feel like a raging freakin' werewolf right now. Like...I could pick up a car and just toss it right a-

...oh...hello Fox.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Storm Siren

More like lack thereof. 'Cause I don't remember hearin' ANY before we got bombarded with that storm.

I guess it's more metaphorical. Like there should be one going off because I think something big is going to happen.

Regardless...the sunset outside is beautiful. It's like...this smooth blend of soft yellow and orange under this sheet of passing storm clouds..
I'm resisting my designer's instinct to call it something else.
EDIT: You mean a graaaadieeeeeent? :P

Back on topic. Right.

So I went outside and met Fox in the little side yard between my house and the neighbor's.

"So I guess you know what I want?" I shouted over the wind.

"A little quieter. I can hear you just fine," he said calmly.

I didn't really realize that everything had gone quiet. He'd transported us to a little pocket of their realm (or whatever it is.)

"You can't be in here long. Let's do this quickly."

"Oh. Right. Aiden-"

"Should be watched closely, lest he be infested more. You might want to coax him out of that disgusting new habit, by the way."

"Glad I'm not the only one that thinks that's gross...and unsanitary. Wait, why are you helpi-"

"Don't question my motives."

"Oh...uhm...okay. So wh-"

"And no. I have nothing to do with lights of any color, before you ask that preposterous question."
"That wasn't the question I was asking."

"You did theorize once."

"You're markedly more moody."

"Rodents are such pests."

"Aiden's a rodent."

"You know what I mean."

"Again. What's going on between you and Rat?"

"We've never gotten along."

"You lied before?"

"I don't see why you're surprised. And not entirely. We did organize this way partly for geographical purposes."

"And the other part?"

"Rat is a narcissistic bastard."

And here is where I laugh. Then I realize my lungs hurt. Really bad.

"You need to get out," Fox says urgently.

"One last question."

He sighs. "What?"

"Everyone that's acting weird and disappearing...are they following..."

"What do you think?"

And that's the last thing he tells me.

Then the wind is whipping in my face again. Fox is gone. Ace is running circles around me and crying, wondering where I'd gone.

So. Fox and Rat don't get on too well. Something is going on with Crow's crows (wow that IS stupid sounding). And Fox makes it sound like I'm right.

That it is directly connected to the Owl. And to our friends.

The sun's shining through the curtains now. Real bright. It's nice! It's like a song we played in concert band last year..."Sunburst". I played bells on it. The dingy things in the background.

I think I'll find that for you...Sunburst
(Go to where it says Streaming Audio and click the little play button.)

I'm going back outside now. This is too pretty to miss.

Keep it Short

Because Fox is hiding by a tree in the front yard expectantly. I think he KNOWS I want to talk to him.

Something feels very wrong about Aiden.

And I don't know what the hell happened to Yggy...

Please don't be on their side...

I've gotta run outside and talk now. Casey's turn!
EDIT: I can't believe you're going out there right now, by the way. No...wait. Yes I can. Please excuse me while I hide in the basement and cry about the tornado watch. 'Kay?

Hey kids.

So Crow came around last night when he was done digging stuff up in Whelan's yard.

He has more birds. TOO MANY BIRDS.

He was also alone. Weeelllll...not entirely. There's It. But I'm supposed to be ignoring that It's there.

Except for this time...It was doing something to Crow's crows (wow that sounds stupid). Injecting them with something?

If we start to have Slendercrows...I am going to throw a chair.

Bran's not at the BL half the day, so I watch people there for her. We're getting odd behavior now.

Connie's gone quiet.

Connie doesn't stop talking. Almost never. She's bubbly. That's part of what makes her Connie. (Oh Italians...)

I don't know what's going on with Wes. Or Sara.

I don't know if I should intervene. I'll keep watching.

EDIT: Logan disappeared when I was walking to the buses to go home today...and I have no idea where she went. And I remembered those names, guys!  David, Tanner, Leanna, Heather, Ty, PJ, Malory...

Oh jeez. What did I do...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Heeey...long time no see.

I haven't had a lot to say. But I noticed this today and thought this would be the best place to put it rather than have another Round Table.

Rat has his new mask. He's the only one that still has a full mask, I think. It's a grinning rat, as Bran already stated in that story.

If you look closely, there's a little tag hanging from one of the ears. A white circle with a black Operator symbol.

And today...

He had a little fox plushie. He was playing with it while I was in math, looking out the window.

Then he pulls out a rope.

And he ties a noose around the fox.

Then he made a giggling motion and made himself disappear before my teacher could see him outside.

I think we need to look more into who these guys are. And ask Fox more about why they're spread out the way that they are. Because I don't think they "simply organized" themselves that way.

And Fox is the only sensible scary as it is to say that.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Proxies do, in fact, enjoy Pringles.

Let's ignore the massive, unnecessary shitstorm that happened elsewhere in Slanderland, shall we?

Rather pleasant day today, I'd say. Aside from the very worrying absence of Skye. We think she's gone for real this time. We have no idea what to do about this...

The weather! It's wonderful! 72 out today. Partly sunny. Nice an' cozy.

We chilled today. Sort of. (SPOILER ALERT: Fox has a rather neat voice.)

I came home from school, needed a snack. But I also wanted outside. So I let Ace out, grabbed the can of Pringles, and then followed out behind him.

I stood on the edge of the porch, and Fox was leaning against one of our trees watching Crow chase some bugs around.

I walked over with the can, just to see what they'd do. Ace was right up against me, lips slightly curled.

Fox gave him a pat, declined the Pringles with a hand wave, and turned back to watch Crow.

So I got the brilliant idea to crush some up in my hand and throw them at Crow like he was a pigeon.

He totally went for them. Fox laughed like a maniac.

When he's done, he takes a breath and says, "Nice story. It could never be that way, but well written, nonetheless."

I was blown away by the fact that he SAID something, and just responded with, "Well. Thanks."

We stood in silence for a few moments, watching Crow pick the crumbs out of the grass.

"Quite nice of you not to attack me," I said, "or bring You Know Who."

"Wee bit stupid of you to get this close," he responded, "but you're welcome. I guess this makes our job of watching that much easier."

"Hn..." I grunted. "Think you'd pick something a little less clumsy than a crow as a sentry..."

"I didn't get to pick."


"What's so funny?"



"His entire existence."

"This is true..."

The conversation stalled again. He was fiddling with a twig, readjusting the half-mask. I was thinking of ways to get him to say more things, because the drummer part of my brain was busy being amused by his accent while the intellectual part was trying to shout important things over the "DURR PURTY VOICE SAY MORE WORDS" nonsense the drummer part was thinking.

Still can't place that accent...

Anyways, Crow got bored of looking for (and eating EWWWWW) crumbs and called his pet crow over.

"I suppose you'd like to know what happened to your friend," Fox said wistfully.

"Aiden," I said firmly

"Yes, that one."

"It'd be nice to know. Brennon has legitimate fears."

"I can't tell you."

"But of course. It would be that way, wouldn't it?"

"Not directly."

"More riddles?"

"You've done fine so far, m'dear."

"Fine. I'll take what I can get."

It's at this point that Ace finally realizes there's a bird in the yard and he actually has a shot at catching it. I have to lunge forward and pin him to the ground.

"NO. THAT'S NOT YOURS." I said in my alpha dog voice. Ace grunted and curled by my feet, shooting me glances of disdain. Whatever. He'd forget about it as soon as we walked in the house.

"BAD D(X)GGY!" Crow shouts, cradling his bird. Fox lifts a finger to his lips to tell him to quiet down some. I totally pinned Crow's voice, by the way. Definitely like that lizard lookin' guy from Inuyasha that always follows Sesshomaru around. Can't place the name...

"Am I right?" I asked, sitting on the ground with Ace now.

"About what?" Fox asked back. I could see his eyebrows raise by following the movement of his hairline. He's strawberry blonde, by the way.

"The Owl."

"You'll see."

"I don't want to find out too late..."

"It already is though."

More silence. This time sad and grim. My stomach turns.

"Nothing I can do?"


"And all of Seth's friends? And mine and Casey's? Because we think..."

"Too far to predict right now," he interrupted. "Keep your eyes open. But you already know that."

"Alright then..." I muttered, fiddling with a piece of grass. "Thanks for the info, friend."

He whipped his head around at that. "This conversation changes nothing," he asserted.

"Of course it doesn't," I said with a smirk as I got up to leave.

...the rest of the night has been relatively calm and quiet. Brennon and I have been exchanging emails about Aiden's condition.
Occasionally Crow will pop up in the window with some object he's found, giggle, and run away. Are we friends now? God, these two make my head hurt sometimes...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cut the String

Floodlights washed over the clearing. The gray cutouts of the grass and trees were painted with a yellow tint. The bearers of these lanterns moved silently together in the twilight. Five silhouettes against their light of hope.

At the forefront, a Wolf, leading her pack on. Loyal to her friends.

Slightly behind the Wolf and to the right, a Lioness, the passionate rebel. The fire to fuel her friends.

To the left of the Wolf, a Raven, standing tall against her adversaries. Her call to Odin a call of victory.

At the back, a Buck, antlers brandished with courage. Fighting his fear against the enemy with the support of the herd.

And accompanying the Buck, a Panda, the mother bear protecting her new family. Destroying all notion of being prey.

They stopped together and waited. The agonizing silence drew on. Their lights grew dim.

Then out from the forest came the first. A sinister grin painted across his mask. A cackle echoed. The Rat.

Near him came the second. A lanky, awkward moving individual. Cowardly and stupid. A half mask partially covered his crooked grin. The Crow.

And last, the third. A tricky, but nervous fellow. He had been brave enough to reveal some of his face before, but kept it covered this night. The Fox.

The three approached the five. The lights barely shown.

The Buck shuddered. The air was cold.

The Panda drew closer to the Buck.

The Fox neared the Wolf and drew a cane. The Wolf drew hers, a new walking stick brandished with a silver bulb. She had not intended to fight. She and her pack had other plans.

The Lioness tilted her head and nodded for the Raven to look.

Thick black cords crossed the clearing from the forest where the three had exited.

"You are puppets," the Wolf calmly asserted. The Fox shook his head, still prepared to fight. The aura around him was tinged with fear.

The Crow kawed ten times.


The Rat moved quickly, dodging between the Wolf and the Lioness to get to the Panda.

But the Buck met him first, antlers tangling in the string of the Rat's mask.

The Panda pinned the Rat from the back.

"You fear you've all lost your way," the Rat hissed.

"I only fear the unknown," the Buck answered, untangling his mask from the Rat's.

"And you fear they will die," The Rat whipped his head around to meet the Panda, who only answered with, "I only fear I love too much," before brandishing a pocket knife.

The Crow taunted the Raven from afar.

"Y(X)U FEAR Y(X)U ARE N(X)T G(X)(X)D EN(X)UGH," the Crow shouted, his voice scratchy.

The Raven ran to him, kicked his legs out from under him, and pulled out a pair of scissors. "I only fear what I've been told."

The Fox had begun a fight with the Wolf. The cracking sound of the canes meeting echoed throughout the clearing. Suddenly, the Fox brought his weapon down on the Wolf. She collapsed to the ground. The light wavered.

"You fear failure," he said.

The Wolf chuckled and pushed herself into a sitting position, a smile blazing behind her mask. "I only fear not realizing my dreams."

The Lioness came from behind the Fox, wrapping her arms around him and pinning his arms to his sides.

"Anything else?" she asked, holding onto him as he struggled.

"You fear your nature," he coughed.

"I only fear that I don't care enough," she answered, squeezing tighter.

The Wolf rose, removing the silver ball from her walking stick and revealing a sharp tool.

"You are puppets," she asserted again.

"We fear our strings," the Fox replied, his head hanging low.

"Then cut them," said the Wolf, bringing her knife to the dark cords tied around the Fox's neck, hands, and feet.

The sounds of snapping string replaced the echoes of kaws and cackling laughter and cracking weapons.

The light grew brighter, almost blinding. Color returned to the grass and the trees. The three stood in awe at the center of the brightness. The five encircled them.

"For the moment you are free,"

"Help as you please,"

"Keep your mind in mind,"

"Sanction may you find,"

"And remember - good luck and good times."

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back In Town


I didn't get to announce this, and I'm sorry for that. But I was in Columbus for the past two days doing my BPA thing.

I also now know how the other four of us feel.

Having It follow you not a party. It rarely appeared while in the city though. Which means one of M's theories holds water. At least for me.

I'm surprised my body hasn't decided to quit yet. So...tired. I must be running on sheer willpower by now.

Because HEY! Shit's gone down while I was gone. I expected somebody would hop on and keep up the blog (coughcaseycough). But they were being kept VERY I've got to catch up on the mess too.

I was talking about that poem/note thing written inside the envelope...I had some theories on stuff before all of this happened during my "vacation". And now some of them match to those events.

2. "We've sent a crow."
4. "How is your kitty?"
6. "The mates hole up in defense."
8. "We are more than you know."
10. "It is imperative that you understand."
11. "N(X) ESCAPE"
12. "The Master has plans."
14. "How will you ever escape the snow?"

1. Refers to It now having full on interest in me. Fabulous.
2 & 3. There is, in fact, a crow that periodically struts around the house, peeking in the windows. He doesn't scare off easily either. Little bastard...
4. Casey's fine, thank you very much. Not great, but better than when this first happened with It.
5. Sammi chased Crow. With a crowbar. Several times.
6. Skyler and Seth. Skyler is up here this weekend too. Wonder how she's convincing her parents...oh well. Doesn't matter. Those two are sticking together as much as possible. The constant wore out, as did the salt. We need something else...
7. "Sorrow". Four times. A birth. Which I'm guessing refers to those irritating poems...god Aiden. Please be okay...
8. I don't doubt that, you creepy jerks.
9. Notice that this is the only "O" Crow's written that's not crossed out. Almost reverently written, I think. Like whoever Owl is is untouched. So far. And I think I know damn well who it is.
10 & 11 & 12. I understand NOW. Perhaps. And perhaps not. And of course It does.
13. Oh have I got a story for you guys regarding this one...
14. It melted, idiot. If it snows more, that will quickly vanish too. Ohio's seasons, Fox. Clearly you don't know them well.

Deduced that this was Fox and Crow based on the speech patterns. Rat doesn't have any sort of distinction yet. But oh is he ever annoying. Where Fox and Crow actually give information, Rat's fallen mostly silent and has resorted to simply being a nuisance.

How do I know this? Columbus is three hours away from us. As is Skyler's home. (They are not the same location.)
I didn't really think about it, but I guess Rat noticed I was heading out of his friends' territory and more into his.
He more or less just acts like a troll. Stalks you around. Mimes annoying things. If you pay attention to him, you're feeding him. And he'll only seek to aggravate you more.

They're adding to their outfits. Rat sports a different mask than Skyler saw last (no idea what the first one was). It's like a grinning rat now. He's got a ratty (EDIT: Ratty? Really?) old top hat, a worn coat, and a scuffed cane.
Fox has more of a masquerade style mask now, so I can see part of his face. Though I've been told he still wears the full one...suspiciously whenever It is around. He's ditched the hoodie too, settling for the black leather gunner jacket lookin' thing and a shirt of some sort to wear underneath.
Crow's also got a masquerade mask, but the beak covers up a lot of his exposed face. He wears a black zip up hoodie now. I saw him decorating something with a red bow not too long ago...

Skye. Skye Skye Skye...
We've been trying ANYTHING to get a hold of her. Nobody's been able to contact her since Wednesday evening.
Do you want to know what Skye's favorite animal is? The Owl.
I really don't want to be right about anything anymore...not about this. Skye...

We've got some ideas on a massive collaborative story tomorrow, Frap and co.
Now to figure out what time noon GMT is for us...

AIDEN. Aiden please be okay...
Brennon I'm so sorry we haven't found him yet...

I don't even know where to start there...where would It take him?

EDIT: Tomorrow's the Equinox AND the Super Moon. I wonder what that will bode for us. I hope it's good luck.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Hey, I’m Seth.

I haven’t really written anything or blogged before so bear with me on this introduction stuff. 

Branwen has little snippets of me in conversation, but I figured you guys wouldn’t really get much of an understanding of who I am with just that. So I guess I’m going to tell you about myself. At least that’s what Branwen wants. Haha.

So, I’m 17, I’m in the process of getting my license (I know, I should’ve got it a while ago) so maybe a couple of us would be able to skip town if needed, even though us being in a group is a horrible idea.
Enough rambling though. I won’t tell you my full name for privacy reasons, but I was named after Adam and Eve's son Seth in the Bible :D WOO. 

Haha. Umm.. me and Skyler have been dating for 3 years officially today. Like everyone else, me and her stumbled onto this stuff and thought it was interesting, just like everyone else. 

I’m a graphic artist, or at least I try to be. Doing anything else besides working and trying to pretend all this isn’t happening is a pretty hard thing to do. Oh yeah. I work at McDonald’s (yeah go ahead and make your jokes.) And I guess that’s enough about me.

I guess it would also be fair to clue you in on my situation though too while I’m here.

I guess Bran's already told you some stuff. Not all of it though. See...

It wasn't bad at first. I thought it was just me freaking out, like I do when I watch ghost shows (don't laugh). Then He actually SHOWED UP. In my yard. And then near the windows.

And I was so scared of Him...
What if He got in the house, you know?

And then He did. I woke up one night. And He was there.

And maybe I should start saying It now...because apparently that's the one that's stalking us?

It/He/Whatever...started whispering to me. In my head. And I couldn't tell anyone. Because who could I tell? I was even scared Skyler would think I was crazy or something.

But I guess was watching her too.

I don't remember a lot about the drawing and the messages and stuff. I just know that I made them. And I kept having to throw them away.

The nightmares? They were like everyone else's, I guess.

I don't remember telling people about this either. Except for Branwen. That was stupid. I don't know why I did that...
I know there's more.

So I hope we can get all this figured out. I’m sick of all of it. I wish it could just stop.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Before I go for the day...

I know. I've been drowning myself in Diablo II. Killing evil things helps me forget that the real evil is back. And sitting in my yard.

I'll be extremely busy this week, even without the proxies and their bullshit.

I believe I've figured some of that message out. I don't like what certain parts imply. I'll share later.

Also, Fox. The snow melted. In like, a day. Suck it.

Kaiju is in some sort of trouble?

Elizabeth encountered Him.

The Redlight caught up with Yggy/Dennis. And is implying he killed him. He'd better hope he's lying.

Frap is depressed...come on, man. Snap out of it.

Zeke is on his way to Indiana. And he hilariously humiliated an FBI agent. And he was apparently in Cleveland for some time. Whoa.

Aiden is missing again. It has him. It thinks he's a pet.

We'll get him back. One way or another.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hey there...

I know Casey JUST posted. Just wanted to say...

As creepy as everything is, and despite the crow I saw across the street staring at me this morning...

Japan. I'm so sorry. I'm pouring donations into the first relief fund I can find.

Reminds me of the die off phenomonon that was going on. Nobody seems to care about that anymore...I guess it was nothing?

Ripley is still missing...I saw a poster today. That poor little puppy...where could he have gone? Please be okay...

Thanks for posting that update, Casers. We'll talk about them eventually...I just don't feel like it right now.
Trying to wash my mind out. Busy week coming up. So is the 20th. Looks like I've got things to read regarding yesterday...

By the way, a friend of mine, Cara, let me borrow Diablo II. Not TWO MINUTES into playing it, I found this:

...You've got to be kidding me, Blizzard. That's not funny.

At all.


Do not trust the tapping.

It won't be them this time...just don't look out the window. Think of something else. Anything else. Just not It.

Trust me.

...I didn't actually forget to do this, but now I guess now would be a good time.

Branwen is recovering still. See...the paper was blank. The one Fox handed to her. She tested it in any way she could think of to make sure there wasn't a hidden message.

Then wrote "?" on it and proceeded to stick it back in the envelope.

They wrote on the inside. That was the message. She figured it out yesterday.

"We've sent a crow."
"How is your kitty?"
"The mates hole up in defense."
"We are more than you know."
"It is imperative that you understand."
"The Master has plans."
"How will you ever escape the snow?"

...the rest is scribbles, sketches, and some of that "HE SEES" crap.

I'd be so angry if I weren't terrified...

Crow says "no escape" and Fox mentions snow...

This is why running is difficult...

None of us can drive. Two of us know how...mostly. None of us are legal to.

And this is how we're dispersed.

It was color coded, but we didn't want anybody to be able to pick us out individually...any proxies that DON'T already know where we live...

It's not impossible with the four of us sort of clustered together...just hard to organize. And then the one that's so far away...

Branwen likes to go to Pittsburgh to hide. She feels safe there. But that's about 45 minutes away, even more if you're farther from the border.

We have two cities pretty close by. We'll call the one Phoenix and the other Poverty. (Bran names these things, not me.)

Phoenix is a city "rising from the ashes", as she put it. It was really bad for a while, but the city has been improving. But it still has shady people. It also has a steel mill right next to it, full of really creepy warehouses. And from what I've read, runners have a bad history with warehouses and creepy buildings.
Poverty is the closest to Whelan and I. And it's probably the most dangerous of the two. Seriously. We cannot stress enough how much you should NOT go by yourself at night anywhere in that city. It's even scary in the daytime. But that's because it's "zombie apocalypse empty". Which is pretty accurate, I think. Both down town and east end (the worst parts) are pretty empty then. Because there's no business. That enitre city is on the decline and it's sad. But also hilarious in a really morbid way.

...It's something that's funny if you live here I guess...

But yeah. Poverty is no place to be running from a monster. You'll just end up being shot and killed. Besides that, neither of these places actually LOOKS like a city. Phoenix is still being rebuilt. Poverty is old and crumbling. There, buildings have been repaired with OTHER BUILDINGS. No joke.

And we all have normal lives we're trying to keep up to mask what's really going on...
We can't run. Not yet. Now is not the time.

Something happened yesterday. The 10th. That's what Branwen told me.

I have catching up to do.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I owe chips my life today.

Because I would have starved without them.

Guess that's one perk about the BL. They always kept an eye on when Lent was. Thanks, Career Center, for having two options that were inedible to me today. :l

I had two bags of barbecue chips for lunch. And I just ate a bunch of Pringles.

...I'm so tired. From this. From the eight billion assignments I have this week for whatever reason and the phone is ringing and FUCK YOU GEORGETOWN DELAWARE YOU'RE JUST A TELEMARKETER.

Why, yes. I AM that irritable today.

Go away, Fox. I don't wanna talk to you today. you cannot come in the house.

I don't care that it's raining and you're getting wet and it's cold. You creep me out and HOLY SHI-

-ahem- I forgot he can totally just...appear in here if he wants.

I used to really like trees. Why are they betraying me?

He walked towards the tree, vanished outside, then appeared in the middle of my living room. About ten feet away.

Sighed, held out an envelope at arm's length.

I took it gingerly, curtly replied, "Thank you."

And he turned around and let himself out the back door. Even when Ace came barreling down the hallway after him, he just...calmly walked out the door.

Good boy, Acey-bear. Least you tried...

I just realized. The entire genderless aspect of The Gentleman Wolf is ruined. They know I'm a girl.


...I have to start making dinner in about forty minutes. And look at this message.

This envelope is so dirty and torn...we need a new one...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Shut up.


Now, who was that meant for, you sick creep? Us, or them? Or all of us?

And why leave your pawns in the dark about this, hm? Unless they're lying. It IS Fox...

Fuck you. I just bought Aiden a shitload of Oreos. And YOU'RE going to let him enjoy them. Got it?

............. [sigh]

I never realized how insane this all is. Not fully. The five of us, we're pretending to be these perfectly normal kids while simultaneously being this band of...what we want to call heroes. Casey and I are STILL checking other people we're scared might be infected. No sign of any odd behavior. No proxy cult either. Yet. We're going to leave that 'yet' on there.
Seth's friend Logan...she's been a little TOO interested it seems. He's been charged with keeping an eye on her.
None of the notes Sammi got are really legible enough to get anything useful.
Skyler should be up here this weekend.

I need to talk to Fox. Now.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We interrupt this program for a special news report.


This is more important than that anyways. We can chew their ears off about how much down town/east end suck later.

Edit: HEY. Fine. Don't blame me if I forget to do this later.

I am forcing myself to be cheery. Or some form of sarcastic/amused/I don't even know. I've got "Like Boom" playing over and over (thanks, Frap and co. <3)

Because if I succumb to anxiety and worry there is NO WAY I'm going to function properly. And I can't be draggin' everyone else down now, can I?

...Brennon talked to Slendy. It is involved. And apparently, anything It does to Aiden is undetectable by Him. Because He didn't know what was going on until Brennon said something. And now He is PISSED.

Like I said before. Us? Jack Tyler. Them? Sandra, Matt, and Lya.

Yggy (whose real name is apparently Kelly, but he prefers some form of his screen name so I'll keep using that) is hiding in his head somewhere. Now Dennis is in control.
Heh. I almost think of you guys as Artemis Fowl/Orion. Except, Yggy is now apparently the delusional/hallucinatory one.

Celeste got a note and Rose's jacket from Practical Cat. She then wrote a note back that basically told him off in the most hilarious way possible. It was awesome.

Back to Aiden.

I don't know what to do for him...I feel useless here...

I can't very well ask stupid Fox for help. It's his "Master" causing the problems.


Here's a random idea, Brennon. Are there any silver accessories in the house somewhere? Like a necklace or a bracelet? Maybe a ring? It probably won't work, but it won't hurt to try it.

P.S. Can he eat? Should I send cookies? Or soup? Or something? I think he might like that.