Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well then...

Evidently the kid fell unconscious at some point because he was sitting in my basement looking very confused. Good thing mom's on vacation and Harry's in Florida for the summer. House to myseeeeelf.

He said Todd couldn't hear anything and got lost. He also said he doesn't know what means. I told him I don't really know either and Todd's a cryptic bastard so good luck trying to figure out anything he does.

Then we ate sandwiches and we had a Sims marathon.

I like Alexander. I think I might deck Todd in the face every time he's conscious just so I can hang out with this kid.

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  1. ...Please don't? We kinda need Todd right now... I can't reach him. I hope he's alright. Just... ugh leave a note for him that I need him. Just tell him to go to my place an wait for me. Or something. I'd really appreciate it. With luck we'll be headed home soon. Malkin wans to get some of his things and some of Chas's stuff so they have like clean stuff and all for as long as they stay.