Sunday, June 26, 2011

He's her best friend.

That guy Madden sees. I talked to her about it a long time ago, and she swore up and down that she had no imaginary friend, despite what I told her her mom said.

Her little kid mind must have forgotten that she was supposed to be pretending she didn't have one, because she recently brought him back up. Or Him. It must be Him. She only sees her friend at my house. She says he's a tall skinny man.

My toddler seeing Slenderman.

I am not the only one having problems regarding family on this matter. Whelan just went up to her brother's art show yesterday. He said he tried getting into the whole Marble Hornets thing (you already know where this is going) and based his recent sculpture on that. As she described it, it was basically a small, creepy, two level room in this warehouse with rickety stairs and a bunch of PVC pipes wired to speakers. The pipes emerged at the top and were blaring all kinds of distorted noise. Also there were copious amounts of our favorite symbol.

We're hoping he doesn't get any further into it. I mean, watching that shouldn't be enough to draw His attention, right?

She had something else to say about the art show. I'll just copy and paste it.

I now know full well the amount of creepy a warehouse possesses. And it wasn't even just that room. That room was terrible, but the whole thing is like this old, dirty, scary building. It's not abandoned or anything. They still use it for shipping. But it's like...imagine that while in a labyrinth of sorts, and then you sort of understand how Zeke felt.

I think there's pictures somewhere...

I'm also here to tell you that we'll all be busy with life and Slenderp, and Whelan won't be back until Wednesday. She'll be with her sister in Pittsburgh doing something with a house.

Meanwhile, what am I going to do with my niece...

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