Thursday, June 9, 2011



Were you wondering what the hell happened to the conversation here after Sammi commented?

I have news. So are we.

It's been dead silent. And by dead silent, none of the three have said anything. A few of our old friends have been sent to harass us, but compared to the trio, they aren't anything. I personally mostly just try to hold conversation, especially with Connie.
Spoiler alert: Conversing doesn't work and it will just make you sad for them.

Also It. But that's not news.

I actively try to spot It now. Everything's green and blue and brown now instead of white and black and grey and heads up Mr. Tall Pale and Faceless.

I know you can see me. And now I can see you. Fucker.

There's a reason I remember so many useless things. It's because I have good eyes. It's because I'm good at detail. It's because I WOULD be a female Spencer Reid if I could find a way to organize it all.

What were we talking about?

It's quiet.

It's like the eye of a hurricane.

I think I know why.

He ran away.

Crow and Rat are gone with most of our former friends because he ran away.

It's probably pissed as all hell about it too, which would be why Rat's looking for Todd instead of being an arrogant bastard to the rest of us. Which is why It is turning It's attention to us. Which is never not absolutely terrifying, but we can't afford to let It distract us.

We are planning and plotting and we have our way out, we think. It's getting too dangerous for everyone around us here.

I did go to that concert on Tuesday. With Casey and Skyler and Seth. 1.) Brendon Urie is the most beautiful human being on the planet and 2.) I called Todd for every single song.

I don't know if he was the one listening, but if he was, that was a morale booster, pal. Wherever you are right now. If I'm right, please come back here. You're part of the 'us' and 'we' and 'our'.

Sammi was by herself because she couldn't get up there, and because she's been working on that dream almost constantly with my help.

And now I have a message for Rat.

His name's not Alexander.

His name is Todd.

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