Monday, May 30, 2011

Summary of Events

I think I'm by myself here.

Skyler can finally get up here more often because summer's coming, which means Seth is completely distracted. Jerk.
Casers and Bran are done with school, but I don't know what's keeping them. Probably something with Todd. He was quiet for a while.

Actually they all were. After the freaky thing I saw, it was just...normal.

I hate when it's normal. Is that weird to say? But it's like they're doing it on purpose, giving us tastes of normalcy before throwing everything back into a hell twister.

But you know what that means...normalcy? While we couldn't access anything, there was no Rat. Or Crow. And no Todd. (That part was actually scary...)
No Morrigan...which also meant no Skye. None of our former friends defacing things for Mr. Tall Pale and Faceless. Either of the tall faceless guys. It doesn't matter who they're doing it for, It or Him, it's freaky and annoying.
I think what Bran basically wanted to say about what Rat had to say was...

- They have him.
- And them.
- We're not getting him back.
- They've been instructed not to get caught, unless on purpose.
- He sings because he's clinging.

And that all means...

- They've got Todd (duh)
- And our friends (duh x2)
- He doesn't intend to GIVE Todd to us. He's scheming...
- The proxies are all somehow avoiding the police, unless told to get caught. Probably to purposefully involve the feds. Yay.
- Todd spouts lyrics as a distraction from whatever they're doing to him. It annoys Rat.

The Morrigan is a Celtic war goddess. She's also called The Morgana. She's a triple goddess, associated with death, and her symbol is a crow.
Or...a raven.

Bran/Branwen are huge characters in Celtic myth too. Bran is a giant and a king and was Branwen's brother. His name means Blessed Raven. He gave Branwen's hand in marriage to the king of Ireland, who mistreats her. She sends for help and a huge war breaks out, nearly decimating Ireland and Wales. Branwen dies of a broken heart...

Those are the notes, in short.

Wanna hear about what freaked me out? Let's talk about what freaked me out. Okay! Reliving nightmares...whee!

I had it for a while...I wasn't saying anything about it. I was scared to admit how much it scared me and I also didn't want to break it.
It's like a series. It starts in a field. In the same spot, every time. It progresses. I see the same scenes over and over, but with a little more added at the end before I wake up.

Like I said, there's a field. The whole thing plays like a movie, but it looks old and scratched and grainy. There's these harsh shadows and everything looks grey or brown. It's in color, but that's how it looks. It's hard to make things out.
Three people are walking through this field. It's wheat, I think. They're heading for a forest. I took a few times running this scene, but they're all boys. One walks farther ahead of the other two. The last one is walking closely behind the one in the middle.
Did I mention it's like an old movie? You how bad the sound is on those things? Ugh...

I had to listen really hard, but the two guys in back are named Alexander and Lance. Like Todd was talking about in some of the texts he sent to Bran. I don't know which is which, or what the name of the guy in front is.
Alexander and Lance are whispering to each other. I can't hear what they're saying. The guy in front yells over his shoulder for them to hurry up. They run to catch up to him. They start to walk into the forest. And then there's this god awful droning screeching static sound while everything goes black and red.

And then I wake up. It's terrifying. It reminds me of when Crow was being a creepy stalker and trying to talk through me (and NO I DON'T want to talk about that right now).
I stopped having that dream. But I want to have the dream again. I want to find out what happens. I feel like we need to. It's like watching a show that has a huge cliffhanger and needing to find out what happens next season, only for the show to be canceled.
I keep trying to have it again. Bran's a huge nerd about dream stuff and I've been trying to get back into it...

Alexander and Lance...three's a leader and the other two follow...
Who does that sound like to you guys? I wonder which of them's trying to tell me this...

On a completely different note, hi Beast! I saw your comments when you were talking to Bran and I read through your blog. I like your poetry. It's so sad though. We'll try to help you find Beauty.

I'm gonna try Bran again and see if she's got anything on Todd...

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  1. I don't know if you can help
    But words of kindness are lovely
    And if you should happen to see her
    I'd be ever so obliged, quite humbly