Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's party day...

Alex is here. I explained to mom that he's a friend I met through Casey. That was apparently sufficient enough. He'll be riding over to the place with us and helping me set up.

If nothing happens today, then if we're having that 4th of July party it'll definitely happen then.

I'd rather It do something then. It'll just be our gang and Ai's, and we'll at least be prepared.

....crossing my fingers...please don't show up today...and The Morrigan and her friends aren't invited either.


  1. I'm still planning on the July 4th part. Taben finally came out of his room lastnight to get food. That's a good sign that he's eating. I think Xirena may have talked some sense into him and got him motivated to actually live. We're going to start the process of moving things around and all. He doesn't want to be in the room alone so we're going to bring him in to sleep in our room with us. We'll do what we can. And I know the July 4th party will really help him with all our friends around.

    Good luck for today. Hopefully nothing happens.


  2. Me and you. We've got some catching up to do.

  3. A'ight, Ai. Be prepared for a storm tomorrow, because The Morrigan did not make things look promising. I'll explain in a second.

    And okay. I definitely just flipped shit.

    Ygg? Where have you been?

    ~ Branwen