Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adventure Time

Because that's what Seth keeps shouting any time anyone utters the phrases "leaving", "running", or other related words.

Good on ya for trying to keep our spirits up.

We didn't plan to stay at Ai's this long, but then the thing with Brennon happened and yeah. You know.

But it's time to go now. It's stopped raining so much, so it's safer to drive. Bran's running around saying her goodbyes. And then we'll be off. Where? Who knows? Pick a direction and drive.

Ohgodthisstorm. I do not want to be driving in it. For Bran and Seth and Alex it's like the most exciting thing ever. Like we're in a movie and this is some climatic scene where we run away. Thunder rolling, rain pouring, lightning flashing, and a siren - oh yeah there's a siren going off. This adventure scene comes complete with all the bells and whistles.

Alex is upset because he hasn't been able to post his adventure yet and he wants to tell everyone all about it. He'll have to wait until we've stopped somewhere. Cool your jets, Alex.

But...I guess this is it. We're ready to go.

Thanks so much, Aiden and Brennon and Malkin and Chas. And Taben, when he was stable...and Ryan when he was alive. For everything. From all of us.

Here's hoping you here from us soon.


  1. The Tiger is more stable than he has ever been in his life. It took time but he's finally found his calling. I hop that you too will find yours. Don't be afraid to ask Master for help.

  2. Listen, bro. Listen.

    Don't rain on our parade with your creepy.

    ~ Seth

  3. It's been quite some time since I've had a good venison steak. And here I was hoping to have a go at the Wolf first. I think my mind's just been changed for me. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for making him hyperventilate.

    You're going to have to go through the Panda first.


  5. Or the Wolf since you know...he just threatened to EAT ME FIRST.

  6. Venison, Bear steaks, then wolf. Sounds good. I'm very hungry and I'm not above storing food for when I need it. Can't be wasteful.