Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We're somewhere in the south western part of it, we think.  It's only about 60 right now, so Seth and Bran are freezing their tiny butts off. It's been 80 to 90 where we're from. At least we aren't here in the middle of winter. Wouldn't that suck?

We've stopped trying to think about Aiden's latest revelation. It's too confusing to wrap our heads around. Psychology is some intense stuff. See, I might know a thing or two about what's going on right no- wait no I wouldn't. Because I would have started college in September. Whelan would have started tomorrow. Seth would already be in his senior year of high school, starting yesterday.

We think we're going to make it to Oregon late tonight or early tomorrow. We're following like...a weird pattern to confuse things if anyone's following us. At least we get to see a lot of stuff this way. We're also running out of packed food, so it might be time to go out and get some more. And do the laundry again. Alex, Seth, and Skyler got distracted by a fountain in another city we stopped out at and decided to secretly remove coins from it, so now we have a metric fuck ton of quarters we don't know what to do with. We've been shoving some in vending machines we pass. Surprise free food/soda to whoever finds it! (They're good for laundry too, I guess. I GUESS.)

Last night we had a sort of "party" with a little late night picnic and some sparklers we found. Because Branwen likes fire and if it's within her reach good luck getting it off of her. It's amazing she's not a pyromaniac by now. But yeah...just celebrating the fact that Aiden's still alive. We're comin' to see you soon, bro.

Oh dammit. Now I'm using Seth's speech pattern too...

I guess we were also celebrating that we've somehow graduated from spazzy teenagers to mother fucking ninjas. Or crow proxies are just really uncoordinated. Either way, we were jumped earlier last night too. Something else that should be noted: Branwen and I are straight up dangerous with blunt instruments. Look out.

It reared it's ugly stupid head a few times on our journey too. We're still alive, so we're not going to freak out about it. Its jackassery can be ignored for now.

I think that's all for now. We're going to go into town for supplies (maybe grab a couple baseball bats) and then head out.

See you later, folks.

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  1. Good luck, and have fun. Watch out for the crows