Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Packing Up

Everyone's up here at Seth's loading the car. We made sure neither of his parents were home to see us doing it.

I guess we're going to get Alex/Todd/Whoever's Awake At The Time when we get up to Aiden's.

We don't think these stupid spray bottles of salt and holy water actually do anything anymore. I'm starting to think they never did anything in the first place. It's just all false hope, like the Constants and the salt circles and everything else we tried. It won't hurt to bring them, though.

If we leave in about...20 minutes...we should be there by at 2:00 at the latest. We think. We'll see how it goes. Once we get there we can get the rest of this stuff settled, maybe camp there for a day, and then head out.

I just saw Aiden's most recent post...and the comment Taben left on it...color me concerned.


  1. The comment Taben left...could it have something to do with you guys? I can't think of anyone else here that he could possibly attack without us knowing.

  2. Oh, dear Malkin, wouldn't you love to know who it involves. But it's a surprise, and we can't break the surprise now, can we? Nope nope nope nope. Time's a dwindling. tick tick tick tick

  3. Uhm...which one of us is the eagle?

    It's not any of us four...

    ~ Seth