Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Dear Diary..."

"...Alex has the potential to be a bad ass. Todd must be so proud."

He's so happy with himself right now. A couple times he's realized the powers he used were dark and he didn't necessarily like them, but then he would remember that he helped save someone's life and he'd go off on a happy spree again.

Nobody has the right to ruin this for him, and if they do I will deck them.

If feel like we're almost the same person, except he's a guy and he has none of his original friends left. Well that's okay. Because we're adopting him into our group.

1 comment:

  1. All he needs to do is to realize though they may be dark, he can use them for good. That's how I got used to this. It still squicks me like... a lot of the time but... i just try and concentrate on the fact that I use them for good.

    And if Todd's not proud, I sure as hell am. I owe him so much for what he did for me this last night/this morning