Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How should we feel?

Everything about Aiden, I mean. We started moving west towards Oregon, but Branwen (of all people) made us stop.

Because...we'll never catch him and we probably won't change his mind even if we do.

Which is completely reasonable and makes sense, but the idea of letting one of our friends voluntarily go towards death doesn't sit well with any of us...

I'm posting here because as long as I'm with the group, there's really no reason to post on Todd's blog, is there?

We're somewhere in Colorado now. I'm not sure of the exact route we're taking. It's a bunch of confusing loops and turns. (I thought zigzagging only applied to running...)
We've caught sight of a our missing persons reports. We're trying to keep out of sight. I was sent in to buy a bunch of hair dye and cosmetics in a store a little ways back. Right now Casey and Bran are working on Skyler's hair which is...um...no longer a nice natural blonde.

We haven't heard anything about the FBI becoming involved yet. Right now, we don't care. No news is good news right?

We still...don't know what to do...

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