Sunday, July 10, 2011

This shouldn't happen to us.

But I guess it did. And we're just going to have to roll with it.

I guess we're less a force against humans than supernatural abominations. Aside from my ankle getting injured again (or worse, I should say, it's been a continual injury for a year now), and some emotional trauma, I'm okay.

Bran didn't have any fractures, just some bad bruises. She has her own special way of dealing with things, so I think she's okay.

Seth and Skyler have each other. They're fine. Bran just saw them.

By 'okay' and 'fine' I mean we can all function. If we're in this deep now, then I guess we'd better get used to tragedy. We've already lost several friends, some are dead and some are mindless slaves. And...Ryan. And then Mateo. The phrase, "better get used to death" should not apply to a bunch of normal happy kids with normal happy lives. Ever.

Sammi doesn't seem okay at all...we've been trying to call her. She's holing herself up.

Whelan's brother came home, and I guess he's suffering effects of Marble Hornets. You know, the whole looking over the shoulder tick that everyone gets. She's keeping a close eye on him.
And I'm keeping a close eye on MJ.

Last thing we need is more people getting sucked into this...

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