Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Decision

We've been at Casey's the past couple of days. Before that, we decided we needed a meeting and where we should have it.

Among sporadic naps and panic attacks, we've decided this: We will go to Aiden's. And then we're getting the hell out of Dodge.

The original plan has been revised. We're all going together. No splitting up. And we're taking Alex and Todd with us, because otherwise we're just four stupid kids making an easy meal for a monster.
We're packing up Seth's van with everything we have. Seth and Casey's stored wages plus the graduation money Casey and I both received, nonperishable food, a few changes of clothes, Seth's laptop...
We should get new phones, if we'd like to have phones at all. Try to stay off the radar. We don't know yet.

Aiden, if it's all right with you I mean, would it be okay to have...not a party. Not a huge thing. Just...a little we can all have a little bit of closure for Sam and Dean...and Sammi...and for Lance?

We get that it's probably very dangerous to go up there, but's dangerous everywhere. Better we're all together, right? Like a family. Just let us know if/when its okay to move up there.

Love you, bro.


  1. I was just going to do something small anyways. nothing like last time.

    Allen's missing. Slender Man took Allen.

    We don't mind if you come here, at all. We'll be here and I swear to the Gods above that I will protect you and not let any harm come to you. Malkin did well with training. Taben was... civil around us. But.. Slender Man took Allen and now Taben's siding with... with ///It/// again.

    It is very scary up here, but, I'll be honest. I want to see you guys before you leave, and I want to do something to help you out. And we need to work with Alex a bit, that way you'll have that communication with me through Alex and Todd in the case you need help.

    I should have known, Malkin's bene worried. Slendy's been so interested in Allen, and then to see Slendy showing people that it's not all gravy to trust hm. Just... Yeah. I love you too sis. I'm just... I feel weak saying it especially since it puts you in danger, but... I miss you and could use the extra support right now.

    Whatever you want to do in the end. Just let us know before you come... the place needs cleaned up a bit.

  2. ...would tomorrow be okay?

    Or the day after? I know that's a little sudden, but we need to make a break for it while we still have our minds set on the idea...

    ~ Branwen

  3. I'd wait to come until tomorrow afternoon if you can. Aiden is piss drunk. And really, He's a giggly happy drunk, but he's also touchy feely and lovey dovey... as... Malkin's found out. I don't want things to get extremely uncomfortable because Aiden starts randomly cuddling and kissing on one of your group... Unless it's Alex or Todd, that'd just be amusing to see their reaction.

  4. Okay. We'll get ready for tomorrow then.

    ~ Branwen

  5. Sorry, I give you my permission to slap him when you see him tomorrow since he got drunk and stupid. Or stupid and drunk. Which ever way you want to look at it.