Saturday, July 16, 2011

We are seriously terrible at keeping an eye on one another.

While Allen was missing (yes we saw and heard) we had our own huge problems.

Like my brother deciding to go out for walks in the wilderness. By himself. Because Keri moved to Texas for a job at an aquarium and now nobody's up there to keep watch on him.

I suppose he wanted to try and make his own creepy movies and move into a new artistic medium. That APPEARS to be what he was going for.

Oh and then he went missing. Which is basically...he talked to Keri on the phone, told her he was going for a walk to get more footage, went on said walk, and then did not call her back. And nobody heard from him all day that day. But then he was back the next day.

And then he said, "Oh my phone was just being weird."
Yes. Okay, Nick. God I need to figure out a way to get him to stop. The easiest way would be to just say, "Listen. This is only going to lead to terrible things and I don't want anyone else to be in the same boat as me." But my brother's not as simple as that.
I can't sit here and hope he's not going to delve deeper into the Mythos. He will.

But that entire mystery of him "missing" was quickly resolved and is not really the issue I was talking about at all.

No. That's Casey's sister Danielle. And little Madden. And that entire situation is starting to grow more and more out of control because now Danielle doesn't argue with Madden about her "imaginary friend". Because Danielle sees Him too. Or It/Thing. One of them. It doesn't really matter which it is does it? Because neither of them is a good sign.

But oh wait no. That's not the thing really.

The really bad thing is Sammi hasn't really talked to anyone since the fourth. I was with Skyler and Seth recently, and Seth told me Sammi's been holing herself up lately.

I told Alex, told him to forward that message to Todd and see if he could maybe get a hold of Crow.

Todd managed to talk to Crow in a civilized manner for a very short space of time, but basically got that the Raven's crossing paths of madness with the Crow and that Raven and Crow are one in the same.

Or something. It sounded terrible, whatever he said.

I'm having a really hard time focusing and organizing all of this because it's just so...there's so many people.

Aiden and Brennon and Taben and Allen. Now Malkin and Chastin. Sam and Dean. Alex and Todd might as well count as two people. Mr, Casey, Seth, Skyler, and Sammi. Crow. Skye/The Morrigan. All of our friends that are now mindless slaves. I'm not even totally sure of how many people that is.
Danielle and Madden. My brother.

The police. We've seen a lot of them lately. At least we don't seem like suspects, but the entire thing makes even less sense to them on our end of the spectrum because what happened to us seems completely unrelated to what happened at Aiden's.
I need to just...sit down and try to organize all of this. If there were ever any time to do that. Right now we need to try to talk to Sammi. She's stopped answering her phone and replying to texts. And you know...a round table would be great. A round table in real life rather than online would be even better. Let's do that. We'll do that.

Dear Alex/Stupid-face/Todd,

That also means you. You are in this discussion.

I think...I think that's....everything? Oh god. I'm having the hardest time following our own problems, much less everything insane that's going on with Ai.

Jesus guys I'm sorry. At least you're all okay and you got the little one.

P.S. Malkin is totally a kitten.

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  1. It's alright. I'm more concerned with Taben's waning sanity. I don't think the whole using Slender Man's collectedness for keeping it together is working the way that he had expected. I'm pretty concerned. Especially when he tried to introduce a group of our friends to Him last night. That or maybe this was Da's plan. He knew my worry for Taben would come and he'd hope that I'd 'trade' back. Well... that's not gonna happen. I love Taben but... Mal and Chas need to be kept safe.