Saturday, July 2, 2011

She's a murderer.

Skye. The Morrigan.

I didn't think she was the one that did it. I thought it was It.

 Nothing happened, at least not a huge major kind of thing that would have involved all family and friends present. Something definitely happened, but the only people left were Casey, Seth, Skyler, Sammi, Alex, Jonnie, Jason, and Paul. The latter three of which are ignorant to our problems. I would like it to remain that way.

Anyway, they were all inside. I was outside by myself checking the far side of the building to see if any trash was outside. And then there was a fluttering sound. And The Morrigan, one of the people I specifically said wasn't invited (jesus why don't people ever listen), is looking down at me from a tree. She removes just enough of her mask to taunt me with Skye's face, grinning wickedly. And then she hops down, picks up a baseball bat that was lying in the field, takes a Rat rat out of her pocket, pins its tail to the tree she was standing on...

And then...and then while the Rat rat is still squealing...she just begins smashing it with the bat. Crushing its skull...and giggling...

The Morrigan killed Rat.

Skye killed Rat.

And then she pulled out a little American flag, planted it in the ground, smiled, replaced her mask, and then vanished in a flurry of crimson and black feathers. They burned the leaves and furns they touched as they floated down and vanished.

What I failed to notice in my stupor is that Alex had run out to check on me, realizing that I was outside by myself. He witnessed enough to understand what happened. Alex gently took the rat off the tree and laid it somewhere in the forest where it wouldn't be found by the owner of the building. Then he looked at me apologetically.

"You're right. As much of a dick as he was, he didn't deserve that," he said. He pushed me a little back towards the building.

"I can't believe she..." I knew I was lying to myself. I knew she would kill someone eventually. She wasn't Skye anymore. It was only a matter of time before she got past the vandalism with my other friends turned proxies.

"I'm sorry about your friend."

"It's not your fault, Alex."

"But it is. Kind of."

"No, that was Todd, and even then it wasn't really his fault."


"I know. Thanks though."

The rest of the night went without incident. I had to wait for the last normal person to leave so I could take everyone upstairs to tell them what happened.

My chief concerns are these: 1.) Something feels like it's going to happen on the 4th. 2.) That smashed rodent might also have a double meaning, Aiden. Please be extra careful.

I'm going to try to get some sleep. I might just end up with more incessant tentacle tapping on my window though. And more "staring". At least It stays outside

...please don't say I just jinxed myself...


  1. What do you mean he didn't deserved it. If I disliked someone they'd die.

  2. I'm not saying he didn't deserve death. I just don't think he deserved his skull getting smashed into pulp.

    Then again, I seem to have more feelings than you.

    ~ Branwen

  3. Yeah you do. That's got to suck.