Monday, May 2, 2011

Cracking Down

I don't have time to be sad for everyone that I watched die. I don't have time to be pulling my hair out over the fact that they still have Todd.

My pit percussion section didn't get to be one of the best sections in band, a better example than the drum line, by pissing around. Jonnie and I led that operation like it was our fucking job. We worked our asses off handling a section of five pit percussionists, taught three drummers that weren't even ours, and directed a slew of eighth graders just to make everything run smoothly.

It's time I be that person again. Yeah I've talked about how I'm apparently the leader before. Some great fucking job I'm doing.

No. We aren't stupid. Two of us are almost adults, almost out on our own. The other three are very close to that stage.
We can research. We can learn to solve the riddles and the codes. We aren't helpless. And we aren't going to flop around like idiots waiting to be slaughtered by It.

We're a force against It, together. It's time we take full advantage of that and use the time we have to get the information we need and get the hell out of here.

Skyler has a collection of mixtures she and Seth were working on. Sammi and Seth had about seven or eight windows up each researching The Morrigan today. I'm having Sammi keep a journal of her hourly life to figure out the black outs.
Casey's keeping track of everyone that came back after The Initiation.

Soon, I'm going to gear up and go out there to fine me a dirty bird or an overgrown mouse. I have pads to go underneath my clothes this time. And my brother's katana.
And also a handy little pocket knife.

Somebody's going to talk.

But first I have a story to tell you, don't I? Let me get that ready...


  1. You can do it, sis.

    Love you.

  2. exactly what I needed to see. Yes. We friggin' can.

    Love you too, Ai. <3

    ~ Branwen

  3. Glad I could do something to help at least. Sorry I didn't get toe say by, I assmue that you guys went home anyways? I didn't see bodies littering the gloor and couch when I was in last night anyways.

  4. Yeah. We still have to keep up with school so...we decided to go home.

    ~ Branwen