Monday, May 2, 2011

The Initiation

First off, I don't have a lot of time. Dad wants me to take Ace sooner than I thought. But there's still daylight. So we're good on that front. I prefer to work in the light if it's going to be with the Agents.

Second, the entire reason I couldn't say specifically what was going on was because I didn't want ANYTHING to get back to Rat. Which ended up not even mattering. At all. All it maybe did was prevent me from getting Great.


These animal names...the ones we haven't used in a while I've realized...they have to do with not only our favorites. They're the ones that speak to us and basically say how we view ourselves. Skyler and Seth were still ambiguous to the Agents. Rat wanted to give Skyler the identity of a prey animal, which she rebelled against, going with a Panda. Because it's a bear, but it's still cute. Skyler...
Seth didn't want to end up as a wuss animal either and wound up as the Buck or the Stag.

Our friend Skye loves owls. Which is how we instantly knew they meant her the first time they said Owl. And when they said "Soon the storm will darken your sky," all those weeks ago, they meant this event. And this Skye.

Todd already had a notion of what was going to happen to Skye, but he didn't know specifics. They were appearing to her in her sleep and doing work during REM sleep. She'd been having nightmares about It and Them and never said a word. Possibly out of pride.

We wouldn't have laughed, Skye...

Over time, they were...Hallowing her (wow that's a word that's needs dusting off). Which is why she would disappear from home and act irritated a lot. And then Rat took her. And she disappeared for good.
I never told you what the other search party found. There was another one. All they found was a bloody scrap of her flannel hoodie. Called it?

Todd and I had been making plans to figure out exactly what they were doing with her. We were going to infiltrate this meeting and we were going to find out. And then we were going to leave. That was supposed to be it. Get in and get out.

I suppose we never thought of Murphy's Law but oh I'm skipping ahead aren't I...

We worked on costumes to get us in. Todd had to look different because every proxy there would be on alert for him. I couldn't wear the Wolf on the off chance that they might be looking for me too, or that someone would recognize it. We ended up unintentionally doing a yin yang sort of thing. It was cool. You should have seen it.

He had to take me through their parallel realm thing to get us there. Kind of a clearing in the wood. Rat had Skye in an Owl mask at the base of a large tree. There were torches for light. Otherwise it was pitch black. And the crowd. Huge number of people, at least more than I thought there would be. Masks we didn't know. And then all of our infected friends were standing at the front of the crowd.

Rat's speech is a jumbled mess to me now...but he went off about crows and ravens. About unifying and an army...

And then It shows up. And all hell breaks loose. Some of the infected snap out of it and turn to run. Screaming. They're the ones that died.

Wes and Sarah and...

Skye is clutching the Owl mask. It looks like she's crying or reeling or...It picks her up and Rat rushes at us...

Nick and Jess and...

Rat grabs the black fox mask and tears it off of Todd. The entire time my view of his face is obscured. I remember being highly annoyed about this instead of initially running like I SHOULD have been. The other proxies started advancing towards me now and Todd had shoved Rat off. He was screaming for me to run. I didn't. Not at first.

Because I wanted to see. And there was blood. And the bodies and ohmygod where was Logan or Connie or no. They were they. They were standing and they were left with the others and It picked them up and stared and set them down and they spread their arms out and the crows flew out of nowhere and landed. Perching on their arms. Crowscrowscrows.

Skye's mask is black now. It's not even an Owl anymore. It's a Crow and there are blood red feathers on the mask and she screaming in a loud voice, "I AM THE MORRIGAN."

And NOW I run because there are bodies and crows and the proxies are withing grasping distance. And I'm not afraid of them. I'm not afraid of It. I'm scared of The Morrigan.

And somehow I managed to get away.

I crawled in the window me and Todd left open. I tore everything off, got a shower, made the post, curled up on the couch facing the living room window. I did not sleep. I just stared out the window waiting for It or Them to catch up to me.

Nothing happened. I ended up feeling more bitter than sad for a while. I saw what Rat said on Todd's blog. I snapped at him, but he never responded.

And that's all. That's the story.

Now I've gotta take Ace and run. See if I can catch either one of them. Toodles.

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