Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fuck Rat

That is the last time I EVER leave my window open.

He took all my stuff.

All of the notes and all of the scribblings from me trying to decode his riddle-speak monologue and why the hell didn't I see this coming? Am I an idiot?

After I had it all finished. For sure. I had time today to tell you what I thought I'd found out. In between the research paper and the book and illustrations.

I needed those papers.

I tore apart my room. The room I just cleaned and had to put back together again today. I even looked in ridiculous places to see if he was just being an ass and hiding them. Like under my pillow.

I found a note. From him.

"You have much to learn, mutt. How could you not foresee that this was going to happen?
 I would never give you that much information so openly. Oh no. And did you not think to check my information?"

Actually I did, jackass.

"Some of it was false."

Yeah, I know. Don't patronize me.

"I believe we need to meet again. Down at the shoppe, mayhaps? - Mr. Rat"

I feel very uncomfortable about that last bit. "Shoppe" refers to a place in EL. I'm helping Justin and Jim film their zombie movie there today.

Fuck Rat.

And what happened to Frap? Please don't be dead...

I'm sorry, guys. I have to leave soon. I'll come back when I've got more. And I'll have to write down as much as I remember from those notes...


  1. When Icarus had his wings plucked, he fell. And died.

    So Frap is probably dead.


  2. I don't even remember saying bye to him or when he left here. Hopefully he's not but.. yeah.

    Also... yes.. yes indeed fuck rat... with a rusty spiked club... up the ass.

  3. @ Guess: I still sincerely hope he's not.

    @ Taben: I concur.

    ~ Branwen