Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Missing Ones/New Trouble

I'm popping in here to say...

I'm really almost done transcribing Rat's babbling. Really. But I'm busy today and have to leave soon.

And I guess Crow is now with Aiden?

Giving the wheel to Casey.


First off, all of the people that are missing are now being investigated along with Skye's case.

The problem here is that the police will never find Skye. But the people that were our friends and are now bumbling proxies aren't competent enough to stay completely out of sight.

So there's been sightings all over and we probably have to talk to the police again.

I'm more worried one of those kids is going to get caught. Words cannot describe how enormously terrible that would be.

Second, we have compiled information about The Morrigan and now we're looking into the history of Bran's name since Taben pointed that out. And then maybe the possibility that her parents did it on purpose. But probably not.

I think Seth and Skyler said they were going to go through Pete's blog and gather the most successful experiments. I think I love this Pete guy for having all of those.

Meanwhile, things have been heart attack inducing recently.

Danielle, my sister, has two children. Madden and Parker. My little nieces.

I got a call from Danielle yesterday that Madden's been talking about her new friend. An imaginary friend. She says his name is Gary and she refers to all of those inflatable tube men as Gary because they remind her of him.

She only sees "Gary" at grandma's.

My house.

My house that is surrounded by forest.

I don't want to think that it's what I think it is. I don't know what to do...


  1. Yes, on Crow. Well.. kinda. HE's afrid to come in but there's so many crows here he's really excited about new crow friends. So that's something. It took time but we got him up on the porch with a trail of thee crystals that Taben has. Gotta love corvids and their obsession with shiny things.

    As for Casey's whole thing? I wish I could help. I really do. If it helps I feel for you. His interest in Allen has suddenly seemed to renew. I don't like this.

  2. The comment box got through the school's firewall, but it still wouldn't let me comment. Irritating.

    Well. I'll see Danielle, Parker, and MJ tonight when they come up for the weekend. I'll see what I can get out of MJ about "Gary".

    Why don't you make Crow a sandwich? Him and his birds really liked the one they stole from Todd.

    ~ Casey

  3. Aiden is horrible with proxies, or something.

    I had a talk (if you can call his shouting talking?) with Crow. He was afraid Raven would get his birds. So... I'm gonna help arrange a room upstairs where he can leave the window and screen open so the birds can get in and out and I'll see about getting a half door or something. So there's something that he can see through or something. Also, tomorrow I'm making a trip to wild birds unlimited to get a bunch of bird food for his Crows. Cracked corn, sunflower seeds and other nommy food for Crows. I love crows. I showed him a picture of the one that I took at the park today.

    If we show him we want to not just care for him but his pets it should be easier, yes?