Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I should have taken pictures...

Next time...next time I go down to EL, someone remind me to get pictures.

They've definitely been busy with the graffiti down there.

Rat was just nonchalantly standing around in an alley near the Jaycee Hall. Our filming spot. I promised Justin I'd be there for his movie...and with Rat there, I HAD to be.

He said, "Don't you miss him?" with a slight head tilt. His mask makes him look...so...it's...imagine this tall, lanky guy. He's got a full mask on, a grey, grinning rat. Buck teeth on the mask. Like a rat. Torn up coat, looks like it used to be nice. Greasy black hair...at least the parts you can see sticking out.

He smells. Even that night I had the sword. You can smell him several feet away.

He's a Rat. And not at all like the cute little white ones you see in pet stores.

"Yeah. You done toying with him? Because I don't know if you've noticed, but we kinda want Todd back." I said. I managed to slip into the alley by the Hall while Adam's makeup was being done. I was already finished, so I probably looked a tad ridiculous. I don't even care. I guarantee I look better than whatever's under that mask. I still have this crap on.

"Oh nononononono. Not even close. I suspect he'll attempt contact through your blogosphere again. I think I'll let him. Or not." And he giggles. The kind of giggle that makes you want to punch a man. Very hard. In the balls. And the face.


And did he seriously say the word 'blogosphere'?

"The hell are you even doing to him? Why do you need him? He's not even of use to you anymore...oh fu-" Me and my big mouth. I sat there hoping that didn't come out as, "You don't need him anymore so you can dispose of him."

It did sound like that to him. But...

Rat laughs. I want to vomit. "Oh my dear...we don't plan on killing Foxxie..."

I exhale deeply. But Rat trails at the end. "What?"

"It would be so much less fun!"

And I'm pissed again.

"Don't you like fixing broken things? Cleaning them up? Helping things?" He steps closer. I step back. There's a piece of pipe in my peripheral. I get ready to grab it if he makes a move. Hell, I think, if he attacks me, Jim would probably run out and make Rat piss himself and then he'd run away.

Jim's a big dude.

"...Yes. I do..." I say hesitantly. They're breaking him. They're hurting Todd and you can tell by how the texts are getting and he's saying something about...Alexander and...this looks like it says Lance. I don't know who those people are, but they relate to him somehow. He keeps texting song lyrics, no matter how frantic or messed up they are. He sings and I guess that helps, but I wonder how long he can keep it up...

"You'll have quite the project when we're done." I can feel the malice dripping from his words. He backs up out of the alley, runs across the street, and passes a small tree in a parking lot.

"Hey Bran! We're ready to shoot!"

That's Justin. I can hear Adam talking too. I turn around, look over my shoulder, spy a tentacle. I casually walk out of the alley, trying not to look afraid.

We shoot Jim's death scene at the diamond in EL. The cops show up (somebody compained? I don't know.) and chew out Eric and Jim. We walk back to Hall, because we got our final shot anyways (and with a neat clip in the end of the cops rolling up. Score.)

Filming's done. I go home.

And I still have to wash this crap off my face and neck.

So you know what I'm gonna do tomorrow? I'm going to tell you everything from memory as best as I can. Luckily, I remember the most important parts. I think.
And we'll talk about The Morrigan and my name of course.

I guess...we'll see if anything else happens with Frap...

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