Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On The Defense

- Holy water.
- Salt mixed with holy water.
- More salt.
- Rosaries.
- We need more ideas.

We put the liquids into spray bottles. We're thinking that should be pretty effective, assuming they work at all.

I know the new proxies have been busy. You know, judging by the new graffitti down here.

Which is absolutely everywhere and I've taken into looking at circles of protection to maybe put around the house. It's not a strictly Christian or Catholic tactic, which is what we wanted to test first, but I think I'd rather worry about being safe in my own house than the order of all thi-

Oh wait. They're human. That won't do anything at all will it?

I think I should invest in more than baseball bats...

Branwen's been fielding all of Rat's communications since Monday. She found him, but he probably hasn't given her any free time to say anything. On the plus side, that might mean he's not keeping as close of an eye on Todd as he probably should be.

Here's hoping Todd finds an escape route.

I have to call Seth. He wants to talk about The Morrigan.


  1. Be careful you guys. Stay safe. I do suggest getting some basebal bats, or large heavy popes. Or a Crobar.

    The Morrigan, she's a goddes of war in one of the Druidic triads. I think Irish? Or was she British.

    Get this, she appears as a crow on the battle field. Or that was the old beliefs. Soldiers at war saw a crow, they new Morrigan was with them.

    My big concern here? I thought they only allowed on of each animal on their side? I mean sure she's called The Morrigan there but... I'd keep a watch out for Crow.

    Do you guys know how to summon them? Crow, Rat or whoever? Maybe I can talk to Crow and get him over to our side for safety.

    Meh, can't think of much more. I'm gonna go back and see if I can find Todd. If Rats away, the Mouse can play >:]

  2. Walk outside with the intent of finding and hurting one of them.

    Because that seems to work like a charm for me every goddamn time.

    Rat never shuts up by the way. transcribe...

    ~ Branwen

  3. Also, I think the animal thing was more of our assumption. Todd and I got away with both being foxes.

    The Morrigan is also seen as a raven, according to Seth, Sammi, and my book. She is indeed Celtic.

    Crow. And Raven.

    You have got to be kidding me...

    ~ Branwen

  4. well she is distinguished as having red feathers. And you nad Todd were in as differrent kinds of foxes. Arctic Foc/ Sicwt fox. Those are both diffrnt kinds of foxes.

    ...I don't want ot hurt Crow.. I just want to talk to him... hmm.. maybe we'll have to go off property for them to show... i saw then plenty while I was out and about. I hate rat. "You're puppy ran away" And cackling at me after saying that. Fucker... Having it a multi nightly occurance? I think by the end of it Da was wanting to kill him. Nevr sen him annoye/angry like that before.

    And I was going from meory. Taben would know more about this since he's the deep trained druid.

  5. holy shit i really messed tha spwlling Arctic Fox/ Silver Fox. I blame Brennon, he won't stop clinging >:[

  6. Yeah. Rat's a douche like that.

    I didn't really think about that, but I'm still not entirely sure the restriction applies. Unless, perhaps, they see her as more important than just a crow or a raven. The Morrigan is a goddess, after all.

    ~ Branwen

  7. The Morrigan is the goddess of war and death. I'm thinking hey made her the opposite of you. The God and Goddess Bran and Branwen. That's my only thoughts on it. I'm still looking through my books for more information on The Morrigan. Even as a Goddess she wasn't much liked... which is why she's no longer considered a Goddess. Even a Goddess can fall.

  8. Wait, what? Bran/Branwen is a god?

  9. Ugh, does no one ever listen to me? I swear you boys.

    Bran - is a God of war, but instead of bringing death, he guards the soldiers and the land.

    Branwen- is a Goddess of love ad death. Notes she's more like the Grim Reaper, that kind of death natural death. not causing death.. like the Morrigan. Also

  10. I just feel so special now!

    Wait...opposites? Doesn't sound like it bodes well.

    And...waitaminute. Did Todd just post? Oh...OH.

    ~ Branwen