Sunday, December 26, 2010


There is tissue paper and bags everywhere. I still have to find space for things in my room. I still have to find space for the things that are already IN my room.

Met more cousins today. Bluh...children. I feel like a bad person for not being able to effectively interact with them. But like...I was never around babies. I'm better with baby animals. >.>
Regardless of my inability to communicate with the youngins, the cousins are all well. Mostly hung out with Rowan yesterday, who's basically my twin that's two years younger. Because that totally works out.
Shot zombies in House of the Dead with Kate today. Because we're beast at it.

I rocked another outfit with the MCR shirt today (I washed it from last night; I don't re-wear unwashed clothes unless absolutely necessary...that's...ew.) Also a military jacket, but a cutoff style. I've resolved to make myself a Killjoy outfit. ;D

These Converse make my life.

I haven't heard from Seth in a bit. I'm a little bit concerned (underclassmen are like siblings or little ducklings to me for some reason I can't explain). But I'm sure he's just been caught up in festivities as well.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. Haha glad to hear you had a good time. I hope childrn aren't too hard for you to handel. We'll be having a 7 year old at the New Year's Shindig. Really though he's totally cool and is easily mistaken for older than 7. :3 Cool kid is cool

  2. I'll probably be fine, especially if he's mature. :P