Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bluh bluh. Huge bitch.

Yeaaaah...I'm an avid Homestuck reader.

I really shouldn't be on here. I'm supposed to be writing a research paper for a contest.

So this lady...this lady...I've got this economic research paper to do for BPA (Business Professionals of America). Nobody enters that particular contest because it's boring and requires an oral presentation. I'm so used to writing papers and performing things in front of people that I have no qualms about talking to a few judges about The Great Flood of 1993. Easy win. But I digress (again).

It very clearly says the paper is due April 1st (more on the significance of that date later). I have other things to worry about, like my semester project, so I put the paper on the back burner.

I think you know where this is going.

Our teacher put the dates on the board. "Economic Research Paper (Individual) - Dec. 17th"

I panicked, grew incredibly irritated, and then addressed him about it. He then also got confused and annoyed and emailed the lady that sent him the dates. She then said, "All of the dates were in the packet," and she, "needs the paper in her hands by the 21st."

No. They were not. You pompous, lying, jackal. I hate all of you suit-wearing fiends now with the same intensity of my teacher. I'm just going to lie back to you with a smile on my face. Suck it.

So I'm writing this paper in one day, sending it to my sister to check, then finishing it up in class tomorrow to be mailed out. Then this lady will receive it and be blown away by my finesse with the English language even though it was written in such a short time frame.

If the date of April 1st was supposed to be a was in very poor taste. Yuppy scum.

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