Friday, December 17, 2010


Upon reviewing my last post, it has occurred to me that you (non-existent readers) might be very confused. For the sake of anyone that might actually read this (besides Aiden...he doesn't need it), I'munna clarify some stuff for all ya'll.

It occurred to me to do this since, if you've checked my friend's blog, I mentioned going to the same college as Aiden. And you might expect us to be the same age. Yet I implied in my last post that I'm still in high school.

I AM still in high school. I will attend college the fall following my graduation. I still live at home with my parents and my big, cuddly German Shepherd, Ace. (I thought it was appropriate. If he were anthropomorphic he'd be like...a mafia dog that hung out in casinos or something.)
Aiden has already graduated high school, and decided to attend college last fall. So now I'll be joining him.

We are two years apart, 18 and 20. We met through mutual friends and are now besties. C:

So yeah, just in case anyone in my invisible audience was confused...there it is.

...I'm a little bit OCD about info. Don't judge me. :(

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