Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yaaaaay holidays!

Merry (early) Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever you may celebrate this time of year. <3

I got back from shopping with my brother a couple hours ago. I am exhausted from it. Dx
But we got so much doooone! C:
We have to go back out tomorrow morning and finish the last bit. I'm excited! I love Christmas! Not as much as Halloween, but I still LOVE it!

Texted Seth (weird friend) for a bit. He seems more normal. I think he just spooked himself. He likes to watch crap like Celebrity Ghost stories. Now, I'm all for ghosts existin', but shows like that are almost always BS. But whatever he likes...I personally prefer TAPS. I also got to meet them. C:

OH. Hey! My paper. That I did. Yeah. Spent until the last 40 minutes of class fixing that thing. The hardest part was the Works Cited page. Why can't everyone agree on one friggin' layout. I didn't fully understand how to do it, so I looked something up, typed them all like that, and that's what they're getting. Suck it up, BPA.

I didn't get a present for Ace yet! Ohnoes! He feels left out of festivities if he doesn't get something too...

Welp...I'm going to go check to see what's up with Homestuck. Nighty-night!

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