Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I feel all covered in tar...

...because I totally just woke up half an hour ago. Ugh. I need to stop sleeping in.

Welp. Wasted most of the day anyways. Probably going to spend the rest in the basement playing Sly 2.

Oh...and...Seth finally got back to my text. Here's a tip for the future: Auntie Bran will worry needlessly if you disappear for a few days. She will then proceed to have a heart attack if your explanation is vague or creepy. And she will end up being furious when she finds out there was nothing to worry about and you're just trying to be "clever".
Ugh...that boy...
Well...it went something like this...

Me: Seth? Hey, what've you been up to?
Seth: Running.
Me: What?
Seth: He's after me.
Me: Who?
Seth: Unimportant.
Me: No, I think it is.
Seth: Stayawayfromthetrees
Me: Um...
Seth: Hewatches
Me: Seth...
Seth: Heseesme...
Me: Stop it. I think I'm about to have an anxiety attack.
(about twenty minutes passes)
Seth: Haha...sorry. I was just quoting something.
Me: What?!
Seth: This thing I watched.
Me: What's the matter with you?! That wasn't funny.
Seth: Sorry.
Me: Fine...what did you watch?

He then proceeded to say it wasn't important and kept trying to dodge the question. I eventually got it out of him.

What in Thor's name is Marble Hornets?


  1. I don't know... but Taben's been nerd gasming over it for a while now...

    I'm sorry but I totally laughed at what Seth did. That's amusing. Though I laugh simply because Taben did the same thing to me. It's one thing when someone who's younger than you does it.. but Taben's my elder... I was no less freaked and I gave him a good beating when I saw him after the fact. When I goggled it it turned up some creepypasta videos and stories that I just didn't have the heart to read... you know how I love creepy stuff... but.. I'm not ready to touch this yet. I told Tabn he's gonna be with me when I see it. Since he already has seen it I'll feel safer... somehow...

  2. He's already into it? Good, good. I'll feel safer too.

    I'd beat Seth, but I'd risk harming his adorable face. And we should keep that intact for Skyler. 'Cause I imagine that would be embarrassing to explain. >:3