Saturday, December 18, 2010


This is perhaps the most magical article of clothing I have ever owned. MY ENTIRE TORSO IS WRAPPED IN A CLOUD.

Mom found it on sale for $30. It was $100. I never knew what cashmere felt like...

It's Christmas sweater or something. (No, it is not horrendous. It's quite nice. And purple!)
I wore it to my cousin's Eagle Scout dinner. Their entire presentation took hour and a half. Had I been wearing something other than what I must assume is a blanket woven into a shirt, I would have been very uncomfortable and upset. I just wanted free food and to see my cousin.

I don't like being confined to chairs for very long...

Got my hair done today. More red, with a little bit trimmed off. I'm going to try to grow it out in hopes I can teach myself to stop being retarded at putting my hair up.
I'd also like to try to pull off Kari Byron. And then Alucard for Tekkoshocon.

WHAT. He's AWESOME. And I will totally have the hair for it...I'll just have to cover up the beautiful red with black... :(
At least my name will finally be appropriate.

Um...what else. OH! I found a mouse on a string that has a motion detector inside that makes it squeak. Ace Godzilla'd the crap out of that thing. Heehee...doggy. <3

Well, that's all for today.

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