Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why hello thar...

Aiden kept pestering me to make one of these, probably just so he wouldn't feel so silly with Brennon making him post on his. Oh, those boys. :3

So...I'm Branwen! Unusual, I know. I could have been named Scathach...and while as awesome sounding as that was and while I protested like a PMSing rhinoceros to my parents about it (The Warrior Maid?! That is SO much more awesome than raven haired...which I'm not), after I heard how it was pronounced I decided I didn't want to hear everyone clearing their throats in order to address me. (What if they had a cold? I'd be so confused.)

But I digress.

So I guess here is where I tell you about me and stuff? Yes? Yes. Let's do that. ;D

I'm Irish (of course). I have an obsession with steampunk and fantasy, which influences my art and writing to the point of hardly being able to do anything close to nonfiction (even historical fiction. gross). In fact, I'm going to college for illustration and writing. Doubly in fact, it's the same one as Aiden.

I LOOOOOOVE nostalgia. I cleaned out my movie cabinet the other day. I found a bajillion Disney movies I haven't seen in years. I almost peed myself.

I'm Furry as a hobby. I also love to cosplay. Costuming is fantastical! ...I still have my Sasuke shirt somewhere...

Um...that's all I have for now. I need to go find some blankets. It's colder than a lich's soul in here...

~ Branwen

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