Tuesday, December 28, 2010

That was an awful idea...

Ohmygod. Lesson: Next time Seth is so terrified it affects his behavior, whatever scared him will do a much worse number on you.

No. I didn't watch it. I looked it up, saw Slenderman, went "Okay, now what's THAT", then found a Know Your Meme article.

I refuse to watch it by myself. I read the article and saw the pictures. And I said, "That's...terrifying..."

And then I forgot that the wind knocked the trash cans over (AGAIN).

I just got back from flipping them back over. It's dark out. I was on the brink of tears the whole time. I even made Ace go with me.

...he's a good doggy.

PS: Aiiiideeeeeen! Guess what we're watching together New Years Eve?


  1. Unrelated: I just discovered I can tag things. I went back through and tagged my other posts, both practical and amusing things. This feature will be abused in the future.

  2. Slender Man, eh? just looked it up myself. this is quite interesting.

    Yeah totally up for it. we have a computer with net access hooked up to the main TV that we watch YouTube stuff on. Hehehehe... I'm gonna have to do more research on this. Taben will be thrilled that someone else is sucked into his obsession XP

  3. I sense me losing a lot of sleep in the near future...