Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It's my birthday today!

And I get to spend it watching Crow throw pieces of bread at his birds.

Screw that. Me and Hanlon are going to get El Paso. I want food.

I've looked through Joce and Frap's most recent stuff...who is Fizzbomb? And Zero? Is that that zerosage guy that keeps threate-


THAT Zero.

That would explain why Whelan was upset about him.

So why's everyone coming back from the "dead" and killing everyone else?

Because that's what we REALLY need...more crazies.

Ugh. No. I'm going to go get my Mexican food. Bye.


  1. Happy birthday. Hope you enjoy it :3

  2. Happy birthday, Branwen! :D

  3. ...that's probably MY bread...

  4. @ Alyx: Thanks, but mine's not until April. Casey's the green text. ;D

    @ Todd: Rofl. Yeah. It probably is.
    We have more sandwich supplies. You can make another one when you get back.

    Happy Birthday, Caser Eraser! :D For the third time. <3

    ~ Branwen

  5. @Casey
    Happy birthday.

    @Casey also
    I thought I was going to talk to two different people...Yeah, Zerosage is pissed cause the solstice didn't work out, so he wants to kill us all. And now Fizz is a Proxy. She used to be dead. And now she's not.

    The Sages are coming back.

    And they want to kill us all.

    Oh, except Maduin...and M. If they count as Sages.



  6. Urgh. Sorry, I have a bad memory. So, happy birthday Casey!

  7. Oh. Jeez. So what I gathered was correct.

    Thank ya, dear. I'll pass that on to her tomorrow.

    Kinda don't wanna ruin her day.

    @ Todd: Shut up. I didn't do it on purpose. >:(

  8. Hahaha! Oh, Alyx. Yeah, I can understand the confusion. We've got five. Then we had six for a bit. :P

    I'm texting the birthday wishes to her. She says, "Thanks!" :D

    ~ Branwen

  9. Happy Birthday, man. Well, I came back and don't want to kill anyway (other than Slendy).