Saturday, March 26, 2011

I've only ever heard of guard dogs...

Never a guard Fox.

I like...want to punch Aiden in the mouth for scaring the shit out of me. And then I want to jump him and give him epic hugs.

I'm just going to punch everyone.

That's hardly fair.

We invited him in.

Wouldn't want him to freeze out there. Winter decided it hasn't given up yet. Won't be as warm as it was until Friday.

I'd live. Barely.

This is fun!

I said it would be okay.

You didn't know this would happen though.


I think Fox and Seth are best friends now. Seth doesn't really hold grudges. Sammi and Casey are wary-

Wary is NOT the word.

-and Skyler is too happy being around everyone and feeling safe to care.

Might as well relax while we can. We're probably going to get buried under bad things come Monday.

That's no way to think.

I'm just being prepared.

You over analyze.


This entire thing looks like a rainbow...

Could I have my laptop for more than FIVE SECONDS?



Hah...okay we'll give it back.

Signing off for now.

Au revoir.


  1. Bran- once again, you're welcome

    Sammi and Casey- as I said before. Have a bit of trust in me, even if I may be becoming a tentacled abomination.

    Oh, also I punch back... even if you are a girl.

    Skyler- happy rainbows for all. right?

    Seth- hope you get your laptop back >-> I'll slap 'em if they don't give it eventually.

    Fox- ...welcome to the crowd... really wish you'd take off that damned mask though... it's annoying. And honestly. Would you rather still be errand boy for It? You can thank me later, or just thank me by doing as I asked you too :3

    phew that's a lot to account for o-o

  2. I can't help that I'm self conscious.

    At least it's not the full mask.

    ~ Fox

  3. It can't be any worse than Taben wearing his fluff suit thing. I dunno, I personally thing Taben's mask is creepier...

  4. Maybe. I dunno.

    Heh... Gonna be fun shoving everyone into rooms tonight.

    I say we put Bran and Fox in a room together ;p
    (I know I'll get hit for this comment but it's totally worth it)

  5. I.

    Am going.

    To tackle you. >:(

    ~ Branwen

  6. You know, if we weren't poking fun at you you'd think we were upset with you.

  7. Oh you boys are silly...

    Speaking of boys, I guess Seth isn't the only male in our particular group of five now. :P

    ~ Branwen

    Fox and I. We're bros. Even if he doesn't know what that means.

    ~ Seth

  8. C'mon Bran, we totally know you're crushing on him. And hells I'd nt be surprised if he were crushing on you! Have you been watching how he's acting? of course you have been. you're hardly taking your eyes off him!

  9. That's not even fair, man.
    You know how much I hate that...

    Don't make me come down in there. I found a foam sword lying around.

    ~ Branwen

  10. Thank you for the well wishes.

    ~ Fox