Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hey! Hey! We are a hurricane!

It's good thing I really love Panic! or I'd have punched Fox in the face by now.

And hey, maybe this will condition me to have all of the words completely memorized by the time the concert rolls around!


Obviously I'm home now. Got to meet Aiden's siblings.

I still think Dean needs to turn into a Winchester. And be all like, "I'mma badass hunter. I kill bad monsters all the time and pick up chicks."

One of Crow's crows kawed fives times today. Twice.

Which means five for silver and possibly ten for...

Oh dammit.

This is going to make me hate numbers.

I love numbers.
EDIT: You should see how she organizes the dishwasher...

I owe a huge thanks to Aiden. For getting us all out of our houses and up there for some much needed party time. And for Fox, who's going to be grilled with questions until I'm satisfied.

I've a lot to ask him. Mostly about Rat. And about who they are.

And that shack. The significance of that shack, if any.

Oh, I didn't forget that day. Still as clear in my mind as when I did a face plant in the snow over that stupid fence.

There's also Owl. Fox assured me that we can save Skye. Somehow. Maybe.

My throat is scratchy. Again. Owowowowow.

BUT I HAVE PIE. That somehow makes it all okay.

Go away It. I have pie. And you can't have ANY OF IT.


Crows. Smart little buggers. The person himself may not be all that functional on his own, but you can't compare Crow with a crow.

They're highly intelligent. And there's a flock of them. In my yard.

Screw off, birdies.


  1. ...where is Fox? Did he even listen to what I asked of him? Any of it at all? He's still... ugh... I see I'm gonna have to call him up and have a talk with him.

  2. No he's back.

    I imagine he's talking with Crow.

    Or something.

    Anyways the crows are gone, so I suppose he might have had something to do with it.

    ~ Branwen

  3. Ok.... Maybe I'm over worrying. How the hell does Slendy and It do this? I only have one and I'm going insane. They have hordes of them... Gonna have to grill Yggy and get some training. at least homework's done... i'll see if I can get something out of Slendy.

  4. Irony is the song in your title randomly popping up on my winamp playlist

  5. I wouldn't be caught deeeeeeeeead in this place.

    How DO you organize the dishwasher, Bran?

  6. "And isn't this exactly where you'd like me?
    I'm exactly where you'd like me, you know."

    It's the utensil rack.

    Three items in each slot from left to right. When it's filled that way, the rest are distributed one each into the slots. Left to right.

    If somebody else loaded the dishes, I have to go reorganize the utensil rack to be as equal as possible.

    ...don't judge me. D:

    ~ Branwen

  7. First part was Fox? snotty bastard.

    I was under the impression you were somewhere else. Hoe the hell did It communicate with you?

    lots to learn. Lots to lean. Be patient with me.

  8. First part? Nope. Just me posting another section of that song.

    Somewhere else? No, love. Still at home.

    Unless it's not me you're talking to? I'm confused, Ai.

    ~ Branwen

  9. Oh... I feel silly now. Sounds liek something he'd say. I apologize. My mind's buzzing right now.

  10. WOOT I'm finding people. I'm confused now but I'm finding people! lol

  11. Dean?

    Well then...hello.

    ~ Branwen