Thursday, March 31, 2011

Todd Fox

I think...that by switching sides...he's lost a lot of ability to do certain things.

He never slept before. I never saw him sleep. Not once. He didn't come back like I thought he would. I guess he stayed out and continued looking for answers, or went to find Crow.

I came back from my college thing. Had to see a session on my VCD class and talk to financial aid and the study abroad program.

I walk in from the garage and hurry into the basement first because the TV is on and I'm thinking, "ohmygod Todd's here what if mom sees Todd oh shit what do I do" before I remember...

The TV's on because Dad tapes things down there.

I'm stupid.

I go upstairs to the kitchen. I brought home a book. A comic book. I never got to see Scott Pilgrim, but the books were at the university's store, so I got the first one. I thought I could show it to Todd too. (I'm trying to culture him. I think it's working. Very slowly.)

Ace is stomping around upstairs impatiently. Running downstairs. Running back up. Crying.

So I go back down and follow Ace.


Todd IS down there.

He's strategically hidden in the storage corner of the basement.

And he's asleep.


I'm wondering how he can sleep with the mask on. Then I notice he isn't. It's laying next to him. He's wearing a hoodie now, with the hood pulled over his face.

I could have snuck over there. Pulled it back. Just to see what he's hiding behind the mask.

But I didn't.

Todd respects me. I will respect Todd.

Where was I going with that...? Oh.

I never saw him sleep. He was up all the time. So running around last night wore him out.

He can't read anything past It. Because he doesn't work for It anymore.

Nonetheless, he's still got skills that the rest of us that aren't Aiden or Yggy don't have.
I just keep thinking that It is trying to sap power from him.

Maybe not.

I'm probably worrying too much again.

Oh. He's awake now.Mom went to choir, so he's free to leave the basement.
I'm going to let him wake up more before I start asking him things.

In the meantime...shrimp wontons. And Scott Pilgrim.

I think I'll call Aiden while I'm at it. See how my bro's doin'.





    Oneday you and I could chill out and read 'em over hot cocoa.

  2. You are disappooit sir.... err ma'am. You didn't sneak away from your college to visit me. You were just like... 20 minutes away. What gives.

    Oh right. I was in the hospital being held prisoner.... forgot about that part.

  3. @ Alyx: That'd be awesome!

    @ Aiden: Explain to me how I'd invent a proper excuse to go. :P

    I'm sorry. I thought about it, but what would I tell mom and we had to pick up Nick and ugh.

    Long day.

    It was skulking around in the foggy trees on the way up there. I freaked out silently for about ten minutes and then passed out due to the allergy medicine I had to take before going. Hee. Allergies thwarted It's efforts.

  4. I'm ticked I missed out on my extra credit >:[

    Our Art History teacher had said if we went up there for some exhibit and found her and checked in with her, she'd give us extra credit. Taben and I were going to go. Then well yeah....

  5. I'm also pissed with It for making me miss out the gorgeous photography chance >:[

  6. I'm happy that my brilliance could very well pay off most of my schooling.

    That was fun to learn.

    Todd doesn't understand what the ACT is but he says, "You ARE brilliant."

    Well that makes up for eating my soup I guess. :D

    ~ Branwen

  7. It's so hard to resist the desire to tease you over how smitten you are, y'know? :p

  8. I think you are overestimating the exact feelings of this relationship.

    But I'll leave you to your teasing.

    It is kind of amusing.

  9. Oh, I'm sure I am, but it's fun to see her over react to the teasing :3

  10. I'll even bring my copy of the movie! :) This is fact!

    And yes, I will supply snacks and sodas and whatever else food related.