Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Heeey...long time no see.

I haven't had a lot to say. But I noticed this today and thought this would be the best place to put it rather than have another Round Table.

Rat has his new mask. He's the only one that still has a full mask, I think. It's a grinning rat, as Bran already stated in that story.

If you look closely, there's a little tag hanging from one of the ears. A white circle with a black Operator symbol.

And today...

He had a little fox plushie. He was playing with it while I was in math, looking out the window.

Then he pulls out a rope.

And he ties a noose around the fox.

Then he made a giggling motion and made himself disappear before my teacher could see him outside.

I think we need to look more into who these guys are. And ask Fox more about why they're spread out the way that they are. Because I don't think they "simply organized" themselves that way.

And Fox is the only sensible one...as scary as it is to say that.


  1. Bran's obviously not here right now...

    Something about something called Minecraft.

    I guess that explains his moodiness this morning...

    ~ Casey


  3. Oh that...Seth's playing that too.

    Who's moody? And what happened?

    ~ Skyler

  4. I was walking to my bus stop down my ridiculously long driveway and Fox and Crow were by one of the pines.

    Fox was wearing a full mask this time and look COMPLETELY distracted. And antagonized.

    Crow was busy playing in the pine needles.

    You think Rat's starting something with them?

    Oh and HI JOCE.

    ~ Casey