Saturday, March 26, 2011

Peace. For now.

It's sunny out. Birds are chirping.

No jagged tendrils obscuring the view.

Casey, Seth, and Skyler are all here.

Whee! :D

So I finally meet Skyler in person. :P

We have to go get Sammi on our way up there. We'll be heading out soon.

And yes. It's perfectly okay for Yggy to be there. I'm so sorry I blew up at him...

The antagonizing certainly didn't help, but I'm over that.

Time to party.


  1. In case you have access to view these, like a smart phone or something, be careful coming up here. It's up here. I don't know what It wants but Aiden told us to stay inside while he dealt with It. Take care, stay safe. Eyes open

  2. Just saw the post. We'll keep an eye out.

    ~ Branwen