Friday, January 28, 2011

The basement is safe...

I saw him. He was there. Right across the street.

I should have been watching Ace. He was pacing and being annoying and I didn't want to let him outside because I just let him inside but that wasn't what he wanted. I'm such an idiot...

The window. He just wanted me to look out the window.

I have no idea how long he was standing there. But the curtains weren't drawn. I was perfectly exposed. I don't like being vulnerable...

I didn't noticed him in the window behind me though. I went back to my room and had accidentally left the blinds up. And I spotted him through that one. And that's when I realized what Ace was doing.
I drew the blinds in my room.
I stopped to make an irritated face at him before drawing the living room curtains. Maybe he got the hint.
I did not appreciate that I know how Seth and Sammi and Casey feel...

There's no windows downstairs. I decided to move there and play Monster Rancher 4 to calm down.

I'd been in the basement with Ace for about three hours. First I collected every CD/DVD/video game in the house, then moved it downstairs for monster generation purposes. Then proceeded to insert every single one into Monster Rancher. That took about two hours. I was trying to get a Dragon or a Joker or something. All I really got was an expanded Monster Book. I spent the rest figuring out what I wanted to combine for the 5th monster on my team and then training it some.
I now own a Melcarba. I have a soft spot for Beaklons. I'm not really sure why. They're these big, insect-type creatures and they're kind of ugly. But part of me adores them. And this one is actually really cute. He's a Beaklon/Henger mix. I named him Tank!, like the Cowboy Bebop theme.

I think I've effectively calmed myself. I can sit up here now. It's okay..., lookit how adorable that is! I love him! <3 Tank!

God, I'm so ridiculous...

Casey won't work out this weekend. She already has plans. Which is fine, because dad's motorcycle group organized a meetup at an expo and he wants to take me - HOLD ON.
11:11 MAKE A WISH.
Okay, as I was saying, that's fine that we're doing things. Keeping ourselves busy. I'll probably see her next weekend. Maybe we can do some investigating together. We're an awesome team.

I need to shower and try to sleep. (Maybe set up a couple wards elsewhere in my room, in case he gets any ideas.)
Be careful out there everyone.


  1. Isn't he? I don't think he was intended to be. Or he's meant to be deceptive. Like, "Awww...this Beaklon's actually adorab- OHGODIT'SCHARGINGITSCANNON."