Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Day!

I've finished Seeking Truth and am now starting The Tutorial. Wow...sorry I doubted you, Zeke. You really are awesome.

Next time dad takes Ace for a walk I'm going with him and I'm taking a camera. Just to take pictures. Just to see. Because now I've thought of it and if I don't do it I'll probably go insane with not knowing if the pictures would work or not.

I had another pretty terrifying dream (actually, dream series) but when I woke up after like...the third one of the same thing I realized what was going on in them and how silly it was. And I laughed. Because when they're put together it's really quite funny. At least to me. C:
It involved zombies and ghosts and running from them and car chases and a castle. And the cops. But the police and the car chases were only in the third one.

Well, I'm gonna waste my snow day reading blogs. Maybe I'll post later. We'll see.

Edit: I like that I never actually did that. I don't remember what I did, but it wasn't blogs. It was probably Monster Rancher. I LOVE that game.

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