Thursday, January 27, 2011


If you didn't read Aiden's latest post, either go here: The Idyllic Clone

Or I'll just summarize it and say that Slendy (I've decided to go back to names because...what the hell) is almost acting like some sort of protective babysitter to Allen. And it's weird. And I wish he were being that benevolent towards us.

I asked Sammi and Seth what they had to say about how he acts, because they've actually come in close contact (as I've found out through Sammi's photos and a conversation with Seth - had to drill Seth for that tidbit though).
Sammi doesn't have much. She hasn't been harmed or attacked. She thinks. She may have blacked out once. I told her to try to keep better track of that. Because that could turn bad.
Seth's the one that was slipping into insanity. I'm proud to say we've successfully pulled him back to the surface. THANK GOD. He's much more coherent when he's not being dodgy or paranoid...and the whole thing is less worrisome.
Seth's is jumbled, as you'd probably expect from somebody who we thought was turning into a proxy. We know he's been in Seth's house. We know Seth was disturbed enough to turn to a journal. I'm also assuming he's heard him "speak".

Based on these grounds, I'd call our case much more malevolent.
The question is why. Why the inconsistencies?

I'd don't have much to report today. We didn't even have a little Seth-Sammi-Branwen conference this morning. We've decided to stop bugging Skye about it though...
I thought I saw him from the bus window this morning and drew a ward in the condensation just in case. But there was also a fog light flashing on the roof and the forest suddenly went all strobe light-like and it was hard to tell what was a tree or a potential monster and it was disorienting and I was getting sick and I decided some Owl City and Neon Trees would be a better investment of my time.

That's all for today. I have more math to do. (Also, I ended up getting a B on my midterm! Yay! Small victories!)

Edit: One last thing. I think I should talk to Skyler. Especially about her experiences. How/when she heard about it, what's happened since, what happened while she was with Seth, etc. I'm also thinking about being more of a stupid idiot and going to Casey's to help her out and observe. Two things can happen. Either I'll get up close and personal with him, or nothing's going to happen. I'm starting to think I'm some sort of ward all by myself...

Or Ace is a lucky charm.


  1. Keep in mind, Taben's been obsessed with this thing since, what? late November? Early December? Taben got Allen intersted in it when he showed him one of the videos, hoping to use it to scare Allen into being good. Yeah, it back fired and I think Taben leanred a lesson.

    Anyways, I think they were having isues with this before we watched any of the videos on New Years eve. Maybe it's something to do with the length? And I'm just 'lucky' and have just suddenly gotten myself closer to them and am Allen's guardian as well. I think that's th only reason I'm having close encounters.

    Taben's trying to draw away from the online scene of all this. He doesn't want to get his business mixed up with all this or have people thinking he's crazy, or what not. I hate that I'm the only one that's really gonna be reporting things on our end now. But when I can, I'll try and employ Brennon's awesome journalism experience to help.

    Ok, I'm done rambling in your comments. Keep me updated and I'll do the same for you. We're talking about going to the park before getting to the furniture moving and cleaning part at Taben's old place. Thing i, this was Taben's idea. This has me a bit concerned.

  2. I have no idea why your comments keep going into my spam folder. It's pretty inconvenient. I have to publish them manually.
    That and the counting thing. I think I should email Blogger...

    That's true. I didn't take that into consideration. I actually forgot...
    Should we give it more time? I mean, Seth started it on my end (technically Skyler did, but she couldn't have seen the domino effect).
    He's had problems for awhile and wasn't talking about them. He does now though.


    And it's winter. That'd be bloody cold.

    I'm going to turn to the blog community. I keep seeing new icons in that box up there. It makes me happy and hopeful.

    I personally don't experience as much, but I'll keep you posted. Be careful in that park. I'll probably be going to Casey's. I may even give her the "keys" to the blog here.