Saturday, January 29, 2011

Expo! And other news.

I have some silly pictures to show you! I'll post them tomorrow. I'm too lazy to do it now. Basically, they involve me and some motorcycles. One of which is huge, two of which are silly little scooters.

There was that, and my mom almost getting severely wounded from a neighbor backing into her. She left something on top of her car by accident, heard it fall off, and pulled over into a neighbor's driveway to get out and look for it. And they just pulled out obscenely fast, hit her and pinned her against her car, and then drove off.

Who DOES that?!
And is it wrong to harbor violent feelings towards those neighbors?

But she's fine. Just some bad bruising around her shoulder and hip. Nothing broken.

It was just kind of crazy. I mean, I've been drowning myself in this creepy monster business and something REAL happens...
Not that Slenderman isn't real. I think all of you reading this know that.
It's that something of our reality and something that could realistically happen to anyone...I don't know. It shocked me.

BUT SPEAKING OF READERS. I see seven of you now! Hello! A welcome to J and Kaiju! And to Stormecho, who I don't think even got one in the comments. Sorry 'bout that.

As for our monster problem, nothing eventful since him creeping across the street last night. No reports from the rest of the crew. Today was pleasantly normal.
I'm starting to wonder if our lack of incidents coincides with Aiden's rise in them...


  1. Awh, I get a nice welcome in a blog. You deserve more followers.

  2. Heh, thanks for following me in return and commenting on my writing. It's fine, really.

  3. I already love you guys. C:

    @ J: Heh, yeah. And thanks!

    @ Storm: I have yet to catch up on your whole blog. Dx
    Augh, and Ava's too. I've got some work to do...