Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh look more snow. Yay.

If I had any nightmares, I don't remember them. Aside from knowing that he's outside somewhere, I am otherwise okay.

I don't like there being a forest in the backyard. Too many vantage points in this house. But as far as I know, he hasn't come anywhere near my house. This is nice, but it presents some good questions. Like, is the symbol actually working? And why am I the one that seems to have the least problems? (More on this in another post.)

I just read up on Maduin (you funny, ballsy man) and several others. I didn't have much else to do in IM today. And it's midterms, so no homework. Not academically, anyways. Research on him is my survival homework.

I also got Casey's pictures. Here's the first:

Then the camera gets completely screwy:

And then nothing's wrong with this one:

Next...a status report.

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