Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I think he was close.

No, not that close. Not that I know of.

I came home humming "Animal" by Neon Trees and was being cheery about two of my midterms. I got a 97 on Band and a 98 on English. I'm a boss at both of those. (I'm so scared to see math. D:)
Erin called and wanted to come over for dinner. I told dad, who then took Ace for a run and immediately went to the store to pick something up upon returning.
And he called to say where he was since I was like, "Okay. Here's Ace. Where's dad."

And about two seconds into the phone call the phone starts squealing and spouting static. I could still hear dad and apparently he couldn't hear those sounds on his end...

I turned around in the computer chair and nothing was outside...huh...

SO. ANYWAYS. I've resolved to occupy myself with mundane stuff while I'm trying to handle this mess. Speaking of handling messes. Drummer boys annoy me. Brandon (drumline captain) and I organized the percussion cabinet last year and labeled the drawers and shelves. And during the marching season we in the pit do a fantabulous job of keeping it clean. But as soon as concert season hits, BAM. We're suddenly keeping a pet tornado in there.
I'm going to punch all of them. In the mouth. Even Brandon. Just because his pouty face is hilarious.

And the horn players. They're always a party...
I love that that section has no distinctive personality because there's only ONE person in it that actually likes to play horn. The rest of us got shafted there and/or actually are horn/brass players but we don't care.
That's where I was today. Playing just loud enough for me to notice and soft enough so nobody could hear how terrible I am on horn.
Because putting a percussionist of 13 years on a brass instrument that she has no idea how to use is perfectly logical...

Skye's back in school! She seems to be doing better. I guess it's unrelated after all.
We just worked on tweaking our video. Nobody wanted to talk about weird things.

I'm now hired by Justin's mom's boyfriend to design stuff for their band. Which means I get paid. Cash monies.

AND. I got accepted to Kent.
I also bought a prom dress last week because it was perfect and I don't even know what I'm doing for prom but I have this dress so I'm going now.
Which is funny because things will probably be effed up by then. But if that's the case then we'll just have our own mini prom on the run. And after prom. In a van. Down by the river.

(Ohman. That sounded so clever but now that I've thought about it it sounds so gross...)

Okay...well, I have math homework to finish. Until next time.

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