Sunday, January 23, 2011

I dance in my room. And sing. Loudly.

Because that's what I do when I'm stressed. And it works wonderfully.

The walls of my house aren't very soundproof, so there's no doubt that my parents can hear Michael Bublé (Yes, I DO listen to more than My Chem) lyrics being spouted from any point in the house. But I don't care. (I'm pretty sure they don't either, or something would have been said about it.)

We found Skye. Well...we didn't find her. And it was more like Sammi found her because Skye finally replied to a text. She was in her house the whole time. She's just been really sick.

So...Skye hasn't been abducted = win
Skye is horribly ill = sad

I still feel much better. You'll learn that my panic and worry attacks don't last long. Even though this one was pretty warranted.

I just know that I'm going to go spin around on my fake wood floor in my socks, probably run into a bunch of stuff and get bruises, laugh, and repeat.

If Mr. Creeper is in my window, he can screw off or he can join me.

(I tried to dance with Ace. He didn't appreciate it.)

In other news...

My day has actually gone without incident. Nothing strange has happened since the day that picture was taken. Maybe it's because I'm being as defiant as I possibly can.

Or I'm special.

This doesn't mean tomorrow will be incident free. It might be worse. Eye of the hurricane? I don't know. But I'm reading all of these other blogs, all of the survivors, and I'm like, "Psh...I can do that too. What am I freaking out for? I don't have freaky missing persons cases. As far as I know I'm not actively being stalked. I haven't lost any time. And I've yet to see a proxy. I just have a single picture, some bad audio incidents, and some nightmares. Everyone else got past that. I can too."

Because I have a terrible reaction system and sometimes I'm a BAMF at rationalizing. I don't know how the rest of the crew feels, but I'm feelin' pretty...unbeliveable? Yeah, I'm undefeatable. YEAH-

Okay I'll stop.

Regardless of whether I'm truly in a mess or not, I want others to see this. I want to join in. I want to help. If anyone else out there is wiling to talk...

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  1. This is th Branwen that I like to se.

    Keep it up,
    keep positive.
    We'll get through it.