Thursday, January 20, 2011

I hate snow.

No. I have no "Branwen's Big Forest Adventure!" for you. I couldn't get out with Ace in the daylight because dad was busy. I could have gone at night, but that's stupid and I still can't find the camera with the working flash. And now, when dad's still home and nobody's busy, we're having our 8,624,324,578th snowstorm. Whee.

I'd like to say that nothing exceptionally weird has happened in the friend circle.

I'd LIKE to say that.

Seth - Quiet. Chews nails a lot. Completely different demeanor from before. Missing school.
Sammi - Is typing. She hasn't done any photo editing in days. She specializes in that.
Skye - Still coughing. Is now hardly sleeping at all.

Does that sound dumb? Yes it does. But I'm not done.

Seth's girlfriend, Skyler, has been visiting a lot lately. She lives three hours away. Seth says every time she does she checks the locks on the doors and patrols the windows at regular intervals. Remember, Skyler told Seth about the videos.
Sammi isn't editing any photos because she has none. Every time she takes a picture, it'll look fine on the camera, and then show up completely messed up and distorted on the computer. Especially if the picture was taken outside.
Skye is deteriorating for no determinable reason. She's been to the doctor. They gave her medicine. She isn't any better.

Did I mention Casey? I guess not. Someone's been stalking around her house. This has happened before and somebody actually broke into her house awhile ago. But this particular stalking incident wouldn't have been noteworthy if it hadn't started happening RIGHT after she watched the videos. Yeah...this has been going on and she JUST told me...
 Oh and hey. Casey's house has wide windows spanning each wall of the living rooms and kitchen.

Me? My particular incidents have slowed. Except the backyard last night.

I had this theory...if this were all really happening...maybe the moon would have some affect on it. The full moon was yesterday - the Wolf Moon. It's the brightest of the whole year. Did you know Whelan means 'wolf'?
I thought, since things weren't happening as much, they'd come to a full stop last night. And maybe that tiny little connection between my surname and this particular moon would do something.
I keep learning how much of a daydreamer I am lately... I bought a laser pointer for Ace, thinking he'd be amused. He took no notice of it. I was disappointed. Well it's mine now. So I started shining it through the glass back door to see if I could get it into the yard. When I successfully spotted it on the snow covered ground, I kept moving it to see how far I could get it into the yard within my sight from the warmth of my house. I got to the woods...and was hit by a feeling of extreme anxiety. I shuffled away from the door and put the laser down to make a cup of tea.
As I'm sipping this tea in the kitchen with Ace, dad walks out, looks out the back door and shouts, "HOLY HECK!"
He's pointing. I don't want to turn around. But I do.
There's a full blazing fire in the fire pit by the woods.

We haven't burned anything there in weeks.

I'm going kind of stir crazy from the snow days (I've gone to school a total of two days this week - tomorrow is not looking good). But I NEED a cancellation tomorrow.

I HAVE to find out what's in those woods.

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  1. Guess what I'll be doing today? I have to go shower and prepare to freeze...