Sunday, January 30, 2011


Half of me keeps thinking of criminally insane ways of getting to that red tower (I'm joking, of course). And the other half is like, "OHMYGOD HOW IS HE STILL ALIVE."

For those of you who are like, "What...?" go over to The Idyllic Clone. Right now.

I'm so insanely jealous and scared for Matty at the same time.

I had to show Casey. She said it reminded her of the shack behind her house near the woods. I forgot it existed. We're going to explore it sometime. Not sure when. I'm split on this again. Half of me hopes something happens, the other half hopes we're just being silly girls in a creepy, run down building.

Because him being across the street was terrifying. I don't know what I'd do up close.

He was near Seth's house again. This time he actually called as it was going on. It was hard to make him out sometimes. Then the distortions got worse and he hung up. He called back not two minutes later, saying nothing really happened.

I don't believe him.

I'm going to be the "bad" friend and go behind his back to Skyler. I'm thinking about giving her the "keys" to the blog as well.


  1. We totally should all take a field trip down there together, it'd be fun. You have to def come up to meet Matty. seriously. I'll protect you from Slendy. HE's been leaving us alone lately so.. yeah? this is good, right?

  2. ...I don't know.
    Not about meeting Matty. I'll totally do that. Is he still frightened of me from my death threat? C:

    I mean...if he's leaving you alone and I just got a call a few hours ago from Seth then...
    I'm thinking that my theory about our cases being connected is beginning to look more solid.

  3. Who's cases? Mine and yours? or Yours and your friends?

    Seriously, we can deal with him, as we've said and you've said he's bettr 'behaved' around us. I really need to talk to Sandra about this... but I'm really nervous to do so at the same time. At the same time it seems a bit different than Sandra's case as well? I dunno? Just really nervous.

  4. He hasn't...harmed me yet. I...guess I'll be okay. Again, you boys better be looking after me if I go up there.

  5. Again, we've always got your back, sis. Always. You've got Matty who'd be here too, and Taben.... though Taben's being a bit... annoying... I'm going to blame it on his over protectiveness of his son though. I still need to talk to Sandra... but damned am I ever nervous >-<

  6. Just be like, "Hey, I think I need help? Or someone to look at my abnormal situation that does not fit His MO?"