Sunday, January 30, 2011

Here's the pictures I promised.

But first, number eight! Hi, Kerri!

Alright. Pictures. Pictures that came out wonderfully and aren't any sort of messed up.

This makes me look smaller than I really am, even though I am little and cute and stuff...seriously though. This thing is a monster compared to me. It's HUGE.

Me and Kate. Kate said everyone had obligatory 'scooter shots', so she made me get on it.

This is a Steampunk Bike. And it is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Ohmygod. I kept telling dad that I needed it in order to live.

Me on a 250 Star. A bike I can actually handle. C:

I don't have time to do much in regards to research today. Sorry people whose blogs I've followed and not caught up on yet. :(
Mom wants me to do a practice ACT test (I have a giant book of them). I'm not going to argue (like I ever do anyways) and I need to do one anyways. They take forever. I also have to clean up the giant pile of movies and CDs in the living room from my Monster Rancher binge.

Stay safe out there, new friends.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Sorry, I shouldn't have said that. Removed it to avid getting killed by Aiden.

  3. I'll make you spill it Brenno, dun worry.

    And nice pictures. I really wanna a bike one day. My hidden dream and desire. Would be so awesome.

    In other news I'm a sad panda. I was so expecting to see Him in the background. He never showed up. I geuss that's good though, right? I really don't know anymore.

  4. Aww...hey! I didn't even get to see it. :(

  5. Bikes are fun!
    And I would have been very upset if he were there.

  6. Apparently he had just said what I had been thinking. He was afraid he'd creep you out by saying it. Then saw what I said and wanted to smack me. He's so weird XP Oh wait till you see what Taben has for me! XD HE got them from Matty today and insists that I post them.