Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Okay...we're better.

Dad came home around 7:15 or so. And he brought SUBWAY!

I am apparently easily distracted from terrifying things when there's other people and food. If he was skulking around trying to look through the curtains at my delicious sandwich, well that's too bad. Because I ate all of the sub. ALL OF IT.

I ended up coughing later because I kind of half inhaled it and I freaked out for like two minutes before I remembered that I'm a 'tard who can't chew her food properly when she's hungry. Hee.

And now Ace is all squeaky clean. He's terrified of the shower now though. But he'll have to deal. It's easier to wash him. I can't believe that took me years to figure out...

Edit: Now mom is home. I feel much safer. I also talked to Seth. Through an actual phone conversation (unbelievable right? /sarcasm). Apparently everyone is and he's slightly annoyed by it, but at least he knows he's loved? Hah. We talked a bit about what's going on and what we should do, then tried to talk about better things. Like how there's apparently a new Elder Scrolls coming out. AND IT HAS DRAGONS?!
I'm really upset my computer won't run even Oblivion. :( 


  1. You are suck a tool... Subway and video games.

    Though... I think I know how to cheer Taben up now. He's as Oblivian 'tard. And he loves dragons. So... let's see what that does for him.

    Oh and since I've been so busy and unable to post. I thought I'd let you know we've convinced them to move in with us. I just wish the circumstances were different.

  2. I'll post here because you're more likely to see it this way.

    Dogs are good. Dogs hate him. He doesn't exactly like dogs either, so keep an eye on the dog. But they act as a warning system and WILL try to kill Proxies/Hallowed/Agents.

    I can't exactly say more because of various extenuating circumstances, but if you need help, well, there are alot of us here.

    The Scientist

  3. Then I will definitely keep Ace close by, especially on anymore outside adventures.

    And thanks for the tip. Really, it feels so good to see that other people out there care. C:

    You too, Maduin. Yeah, I see your icon up in my Followers box.