Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is it okay to panic now?

Friday and Saturday ended up being enjoyable days. And I decided not to ruin them. Today is okay though, I guess. I though, "Hm...I have nothing going on," except now I have the urge to cry.

I finished The Tutorial yesterday. I had barely started it before, never even got to the Tulpa Effect theory. And now I'm absolutely terrified that I've passed this thing on to several classmates because of Casey.
Still, it's a guide. It's a beacon of hope. And I love it and M for existing.

I haven't broken down yet because I'm trying to sass the crap out of Him. Actually, it's mostly just me being bitter and sarcastic about the fear, and not to Him directly. I keep telling myself, "Zeke is a badass. Zeke didn't let himself turn into a cowering mess. And Zeke is alive."
Second point of hope.
I've been looking to see where else Zeke and M have been in the other blogs. I've come across Sandra's crew and Celeste thus far. Aiden, is there a list of sorts?

Yes...what we really want to talk about...
Most of the pictures are normal nature shots. Some of them were alarming and it looked like someone set my camera to thermal or something - except my camera doesn't have anything like that at all. There's also the standard fuzz and distortion and such.
Ace's picture came out unharmed. At least I got that out of my useless nature shots and screwed up pictures.

And then this one showed up amongst the distortions...'s the only one like that.
This is where I heard something snap. I don't know if...HE and the noise are related - I don't think they are - but...there He is...

I couldn't see him there before. Maybe I wasn't looking, or maybe he only showed up on camera.

I don't know if I'm more comfortable with Him currently being invisible to me or if I'd rather just see Him.

I've asked the crew (Seth, Sammi, Casey, Skyler) to keep their eyes open and take pictures as well. Apparently Casey already has something for me. She caught a bit ago and initially brushed it off as the camera spazzing out. I have yet to receive it, but I'll post it when I do.

Speaking of the crew...

Nobody's heard from Skye in a few days. We don't know if she's at home sick or if she went to the hospital or...
God...I don't want to think of that...

And Ripley's owners have reported him missing. Which also worries me. But he's run off before. They found him relaxing in a lady's house the first time. Maybe that's where he is, I hope.

In the meantime, I'll be trying to stay in my head. I'm going to try the Operator symbol trick. I'll put it in my window. Hopefully I don't have any of the dreams...I have school tomorrow...and midterms...I'd like to sleep.

...I'm going to try to contact M.


  1. I'm still trying to get Taben to let me release/post the pictures.... I don't think it's going to be worse than it already is for them.

    I stayed there lastnight... I'm still trying to get myself motivated to make a post. Still trying to get Taben and Ry to move in with us. I think it's sfer to love togethr and fight it togther.

  2. Everyone else on my side seems to be doing alright with this thus far. Alright enough, anyways. Skyler's keeping Seth from the windows and is trying to get him to doodle constructive things rather than code. Sammi's got nightmares involving Him now, but she says it's nothing she can't handle. She's had night terrors all her life. Casey...well...she spends most of her time in areas of the house where she can avoid or cover the windows.

    I've posted a comment to The Tutorial. I was looking too impatiently to pinpoint M's email. I know he said it somewhere...

  3. safer to live together... not love together... though.. Ry ius pretty hot XP

    Brennon just watched the movies finally. He's indifferent abou it but he realizes somethings ups since he saw how Taben's acting and heard Taben's side of it all. He's still skeptical and think there's just someone messing with us. at the same time... I DIDNT SEE ANYTHING TI LL I GOT THE PICS OFF THE CMERA?! So.. yeah...

    And... uhm, why M? Dude, seriously, I'd have looked at going to Sandra or Zeke or someone. I don't like M's advice. Hos 'Tutorial' is just a load of bull. there's enough proof out there that shows things work differently for everyone.

    SEriously. I'm not gonna let this bastard get the best of me. I said don't let him take your Freedom.. and here you are letting him do just that. Stay safe hun, you hav my number if you need me.

  4. Because as far as I can tell he's the easiest to contact? Are you really going to rag on me for that?
    If not, there are at least a ton of people following him. If I don't get anyone soon, I'll ask Zeke.

    I haven't read as much, but I'm thinking that he works however you most perceive him. (Yeah, I've decided to stop capitalizing. They say giving him a name gives him power or something...)
    Obviously not all of M's rules can apply to me. Especially running solo.
    I'm NOT leaving anyone behind.
    And nothing is constituting an emergency right now. I only have one picture...right?

    I feel less affected than everyone else. I'm confused. But okay.

    But Aiden, if serious shit starts to go down, we have to get out of here. I'm under the belief that the rules will work. My crew agrees. Belief put us in danger. Perhaps belief can protect us.

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  6. Restatement: Yeah, M is going to take too long. I'll ask Zeke. Or anyone on Zeke's.

    I want an outside look on all of this.
    I'm just trying to be smart Aiden. I'm not exactly scrambling for help, if that's what you think is going on here.

  7. That's one thing those of us here seem to agree on. How do we get a skeptic and a non believe to run with us. And Brennon's so close to graduated. Taben and I are just getting back into the flow of college. I can't just drop all of that.

    I refuse to leave anyone I have up here. Which means staying put for us until time comes.

    I guess in the end, Hope and belief are all we have.

  8. never said you were scrambling and failing for help. Sorry if it sounded that way. I'm just... I dunno. Good luck on what you decide to do. I'm just.. really worried about everyone here. We've got a 7 year old here... he's the one I'm most concerned about.

    We managed to convice Ry and Taben to stay here for the night.

    Know what scares me and concerns me? Allen. Allen's crying and saying he doesn't want to be here becaue his friend Slender Man can't find him to play.... you and I both know... if Slender Man wants to find him he will.

  9. Yeah I just realized how annoying that all is.

    I spent all that time with BPA and I JUST got my transcripts sent in for my application...

    Slenderman you bastard. Look what you did. >:(

    (See? See? I can handle myself and be reasonably worried at the same time.)

  10. Okay. We have GOT to stop ninja'ing each other.

    Keep an eye on Allen. He and Skye are what I'm most concerned about right now.

  11. Don't let Him keep you from going to college D: I was looking forward to going to teh same school as you! Nooooooooooo! D:

    And will do. He's calmed down (is this a good or bad thing?) and is getting put to bed. I guess we'll see how tonight goes.

  12. That sure would be nice if he just kinda like...hung out and didn't actually harass us. Speaking of, I just started H(a)unting. I'm jealous. :l

    I have an update. Hold on.